Hangzhou Yuhang Tangshan Town Established Rural Development Research Institute and Village Graduates

  On October 25, in Hangzhou, a beautiful country "model" – Yuhang District Tangshan Town, Rural Development Research Institute and the Village Graduate School.

"Provincial Farmers", famous "three agriculture" research experts Gu Yidang and Huang Zuhui, the President of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University, and the authoritarian scholars in the field of rural revitalization, were employed as a rural common research institute and a rural family. Town is a national rural governance demonstration town, national ecological and town, national 4A-level tourist attractions.

In recent years, the overall goal of "ecological empowerment" towns model "ecological communication" towns in Zhejiang high-quality development is built around the construction of Zhejiang high-quality development, the town vigorously develops the green economy, deeply digs the rigid industry chain and promoting tourism derivatives and Zen. Tea industry chain product development.

At the same time, accelerate the construction of major tourism projects, launch the boutique tourism routes such as meditation and health journey, rural leisure journey, camp research tour, will have the existing kilometers of Green Road, the sea, mountain water, see the park, Kowloon, etc. Attractions, The stalks of the station are chained, and the village-level collective economy is constantly grown.

  On the same day, the Town Town released the "Common Wealthy · Village New Community" pilot three-year action plan, will surround the mountain, small ancient city, and the three "rural new communities" in the mountains, the new community ", and focus on the construction of the village and the village group. Village and enterprises work together to win, the "3 × N" coexue mechanism of the village and the people share the share of the "3 × N" to form a standardized mode of standardization that can be reproduced. By 2023, the per capita-friendly income of rural residents in Runshan Town has declined to: 1 or less; complete 32 "four good" rural road construction, new construction of 35 kilometers healthy road; Achieving more than 80% of the 5G network coverage, the government service matters 100% "Pocket". "The School of Running the Zhan Country and the Country and the Country Comfort Academy provide theoretical support and practice guidance to the Tunnean Mountain to provide theoretical support and practice to the trails of the Scholar and the expertise and experience advantage.

Shen Ping, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Town Town, said, "Future, the Country Compassion Research Institute and the Village Graduate School will focus on the future development of the countryside, talents, industrial upgrading, and explore new ways of building a new country new community, new ways.

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