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The Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall in Fengning Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hebei Province.

(Zhonghong Net Jinmei photographed) The masses take a group photo in front of the chairman of Fengning Red Collection. (Zhonghong Net Jinmei Photo) Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall grand opening scene. (Zhonghong Net Jinmei Photograph) Liu Jichun Director Speech.

(Zhonghong Net Jinmei photo) Zuo Wenjuan minister said.

Minister Wang Guangsheng said. Liu Junli said long speech. (Zhonghong Net Jinmei photo) from left to right: Zuo Wenjuan, the principal of Chen Guoxin, Director Liu Jichun, secretary of Zhang Guoqiang, jointly unveiled the red collection exhibition hall.

Chen Ri Li (left) gave Liu Jun Huan’s embroidery chairman of Mao Chairman Mao. The guests are visiting the red collection of exhibition hall exhibitions. (Zhonghong Net Jinmei photographed) guests visited the Chairman of Chairman. From left to right: Xu Navy, Bai Chunhui, He Shushen, 雒 文, 延, 陈国民, 刘军, 刘纪春, Jiangshan, Wang Guangsheng, Chen Lili, Zuo Wenjuan, Li Shunlan, Jiao Chunjiang.

(Zhonghong Net Jinmei Photo) Red Collection Exhibition Hall exhibited different periods of Charity statue. The picture of Chairman Mao is consisting of Chairman. Chairman of the Red Collection Exhibition Pavilion presents photos and text introduction.

(Zhonghong Net Jinmei Photographed) Zhonghong Net Hebei Fengning 2021 September 15 (Jiangshan, Jinmei, Chen Sheng) "Red Star shines in China, the revolution is brilliant!" "Water does not forget to dig well, happiness does not forget Chairman Mao! "… Feng Ning, Hebei, the early autumn, and the sky is clouded, and it is pleasant. Yesterday morning, in the warm atmosphere of the gongs and drums and the colorful flag, to showcase the "generation of great people", "the main content of the" A generation of great people "is the main content, and the Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall in Fengning Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hebei is grandly opened.

The CCP Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Party Committee, County People’s Congress, county government, and the main leaders of the county political association attended the opening ceremony. At the same time, there are people from Mao Zedong’s comrades, dedicated to the experts scholars of China’s red culture and red collection business, and also attended the opening ceremony. Mao Zedong is a great Marxist, a great proletarian revolutionist, strategist and atriant, a major founder of the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the People’s Republic of China. It is understood that Fengning private entrepreneur Liu Jun is full of honors and deep feelings of great Mao Zedong, after more than 20 years, more than 100,000 kilometers, footprints all over 26 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, have paid great heart blood and huge funds, A large number of Mao Zedong porcelain images, medals, and other materials are collected. In 2015, Liu Jun established Mao Zedong Red Collection Exhibition Hall in Fengning.

In order to better play the red education function, in 2021, the exhibition hall further expanded the scale of the exhibition hall, extensive exhibition, relocated to Fengning Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province and opened.

The exhibition area has an area of ??2000 square meters, and the content is exhibited to show the great history of Mao Zedong. .

In the exhibition hall, there is also a large cultural relics combination display, an important historical event scenario and a folk life scene, a multimedia play space, and a classic product exhibition. It is largely attracted the arrival of visitors. Visitors participate in interactive interest.

People here, focusing on carrying out red traditional education education, party history education and party spiritual education, the exhibition hall also exhibited "Guanghui Years – Fengning Revolutionary History History Exhibition", excavation, organizing, and reviewing Fengning people The War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of the War of the War.

The two complement each other, complement, form a rich and multi-educational platform. At the same time, the exhibition hall also supported educational class, large catering, conference venues, providing safeguards for various research activities.

At the opening ceremony, the Standing Committee of Fengning County Committee, the Minister of Propaganda, attended the ceremony and speaking. She pointed out that the construction of a red collection exhibition hall, its purpose is to inherit the red gene, carry forward the revolutionary tradition, and further excavate the contemporary value of red culture.

At present, Fengning is in the critical period of economic and social development, surrounding the general goal of the new era of high quality construction, Fengning puts forward the "National Signs, the province’s disputes, the whole city to compete, all the people praised" total requirements Require the masses of cadres to condense, real-drying, enhance the new high degree of political stations, shaping new advantages of ecological civilization, explore new models of villages, build new engines, enhance the new development of the development, the new movement of the development, the new movement of the development , Highlight the new style of spiritual civilization, create a new situation of social governance, grasp the grassroots, play the foundation, the advantage, promote harmony, struggle to write the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation Chinese dream Fengning article. At the opening activities, Chairman Mao’s guards, Liu Jichun, told the chairman of Chairman, strictly asked family, honest and self-discipline, and was warmly welcomed by everyone. Wang Guangsheng, deputy director of the Chinese Collectors Association, Red Collection Committee, in the opening ceremony, also congratulated. "Eating water does not forget to dig well, happiness does not forget Chairman Mao!" Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall, Liu Jun, in the opening activities, introduced his life experience.

He said that as a home in a home poor, I am going through the cow in the hometown, and there is a coal in the well, wipe the leather shoes in Beijing, I have passed the garbage, and the waste is collected until a private entrepreneur. 59 years of life resume tells me that the heart is grateful, can not forget the joy;

After the end of the Long March, Chairman Mao made such a review of the world’s famous 20,000-dimensional long march: "Long March is the first time in history records, the Long March is a declaration, the Long March is a propaganda team, the Long March is a propaganda team. The long protocol is a planger.

"Here, I want to say that the completion of Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall will also be a declaration. It is declared to the world. The long-stricken spirit is invincible. The great Mao Zedong thinking is invincible. Fengning red collection The completion of the museum will also be a propaganda team. He will constantly spread the truth of the revolution, carry forward the light.

Fengning Red Collection Exhibition Hall, will also be a seeder, he will continue to broadcast seeds of revolutionary struggle, cultivate generations of revolutionary successors, incentive, to come back to success, forever.

The Liu Junhu is finally said: "I have been engraved in my bones, and I have flowed in my bones. The original intention of establishing the pavilion is to promote the gain of Mao Zedong, Incentive to the Gales of Mao Zedong. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Inheriting the red gene, carrying forward the revolutionary tradition, in order to achieve the grand goal of the two hundred years, to achieve the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation! "In the warm applause, the Minister Zuo Wenjuan, the principal of Chen Guoxin, director of Liu Jichun, Zhang Guoliang secretary, jointly unveiled the exhibition hall of Fengning Red Collection.

The general manager Chen Li Li gave the Liu Junlu’s embroidery chairman of the chairman of Mao Mao.

On the opening activities, everyone is very interested, visiting the exhibition halls of the Red Collection Exhibition Pavilion, deeply moved, and some even fell into tears.

Some audience praised this exhibition hall, there are three good, one is the leadership guidance, the statue of Chairman Mao, Chairman Mao, Chair, Chairman Mao, the exhibition of Mao Zedong Thought, let people have been multi-faceted education; The venue is well-established, the venue is neat, the exhibition image, explains vivid; the third is the good activity organization, there is a listener, there is a singer, the order is well, and the guest representatives participating in the event, there is both from Beijing Charity Guard There are also red culture and red collection experts, as well as guests and press guests, everyone exchanges, complement. Beijing, Tianjin guest: Chen Guom: Chen Guomin: Chairman Mao Guard, Zhongjin Party School for the Deputy Director; Liu Jichun: Chairman Mao Guard, Deputy Director of the original August 1 Movie Production Factory; Jiangshan: Zhonghong Net total editor Director of the Red Cultural Industry Development Committee of China ‘s Circulation Industry Management and Ideological and Political Work; Wang Guangsheng: Director of the Red Collection Committee of China Collectors Association, Director of the Sculpture Department; Museum of the museum; Chen Lili: Beijing Xiuling Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager, Red Ambassador; Li Shun: Deputy General Manager of Beijing Guorui International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Chairman of Trading Co., Ltd.