Hangzhou South Railway Station, Railway Hub

Original title: Hangzhou South Railway Station, the new posture of the railway hub has been grinded in 7 years, and Hangzhou South Railway Station finally broke into a butterfly, which is about to press the restart button.

The reporter learned from the Hangzhou Station of the Railway that the Hangzhou South Railway Station has been opened, and it is expected to be put into use in July.

On June 29, the reporter followed the staff to explore the camp and witnessed the new appearance of Hangzhou South Railway Station.

From the main city of Hangzhou, along the Xingqi Bridge crossing Qiantang River. After the elevated elevated road, the road along the Xiaoshan District, and the Hangzhou South Railway Station located near Tonghui Middle Road is far away.

From the outside, the station base base of the Hangzhou South Railway Station uses a gray granite. The main building uses white curtain walls to enclose the level of the waiting hall, and the vertical hollow blunt is surrounded by it. It is very modern. Into the waiting hall, the reporter saw that internal decoration has been basically completed.

The waiting hall of more than 10,000 square meters, the thing is 220 meters long, 55 meters north and south, which is particularly bright.

The entire waiting hall is moving in, there are 12 inspection tickets in the north and south, and there are 4 automatic ticket shipment and a manual checkout. According to the deputy station director of the railway Hangzhou Station, the peak of the waiting hall can accommodate nearly 10,000 people at the same time, with more than 2,640 seats.

Hangzhou South Railway Station Hub has 7 platforms, 21 tracks, with originating function. In the early days of the operation, the passenger train to the Passenger Service can reach 63 pairs, of which 39 pairs, EMU train 20 pairs, four pairs of urban trains, via Shanghai-Kunqi high-speed railway Hangzhou, Hangzhou-Ningshi, Shanghai-Kunming Railway, Xiao Yong Railway, etc., Tongda train covers Ningbo, Jinhua, Shanghai and other directions, becoming the main node station of Hang Chang, Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed railway.

This means that some trains from Guizhou, Ningbo direction, if there is no need, no need to return to the Hangzhou East Room.

In addition, accompanying the opening of Hangzhou South Railway Station, Hangsau Chengchengcheng train will also be opened synchronously, and each morning and evening peaks, there are 4 pairs of trains to and from Hangzhou South Railway Station and Shaoxing, which is seamlessly docked. The reporter noted that while the conditions of opening conditions in Hangzhou South Railway Station, supporting facilities such as car park, public bicycles, have also basically completely prepared, in which the Subway Line 5 Hangzhou South Railway Station will be opened at 10 am on June 30. Operation.

In the main transfer center of Hangzhou South Railway Station, in addition to the subway, a hub control center, bus hub station and tourism bus, long-distance cars, rental and social parking lots. It is worth mentioning that, like Hangzhou East Railway Station, passengers who transfer subway can purchase tickets directly on the subway, do not have to be safe. According to the plan, Hangzhou South Railway Station will work with Hangzhou Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, Hangzhou West Railway Station, Jiangdong Station, Airport Station to form a "one-axis two-wing six" high-speed rail network. Hangzhou South Railway Station will also use the South Station hub as the core, actively explore the integration of station city, driving overall development. "The opening of Hangzhou South Railway Station will give a strong driving force into the South Station New City and Xiaoshan Economy." Dongning, Director, Director of Hangzhou South Railway Territory Committee, told reporters that the new city in the South Station will be based on "Jinnan Wing Hub New City, Daxie District City Window "Development Organization, Construction Become the Integrated Transportation Hub Center, Headquarters Business Cluster Center, Wenbao Service Collaboration Center, Quality City Support Center, Science and Technology Achievements Display Trading Center, 24-hour Vitality New China .

(Editor: Wang Lizhen, Zhang Liwei).