Guangxi Heilongjiang is seriously investigated and dealt with two cadres file fraud cases

1. The deputy director of the Forestry Social Insurance Center of the Forestry Department of the Autonomous Region, the deputy director of the Forestry Social Insurance Enterprise Center.

Liu Tiejian, April 2010, member of the party committee secretary of the Zhangzhou Township Township, Henan Province, in November 2010, was revoked in the party within the party, and in September 2013, the deputy director of the Yucheng Comprehensive Management Office (deputy grade), In March 2014, he served as deputy director of the Forestry Social Insurance Center of Forestry Hall, Guangxi Autonomous Region (positive level). After investigation, in 2011, Liu Tiejian, who was submitted, in order to seek the development of the field, gangsan for fake a set of false cadres files, will be born from July 1976 from July 1976, changed from the deputy department to positive The name, age, work and learning unit of the wife and son have changed the name, age, work and learning unit. In March 2011, Liu Tiejian, the Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant and Publishing Center of China, is recommended to be a part-time job between the audiovisual agency.

In March 2014, he was recommended by the Minma of the Talent Research Department of China International Talent Development Center, and Liu Zi forges transferred to the deputy director of the Forestry Social Insurance Center of Forestry in Guangxi Autonomous Region. When investigating Liu, the Personnel Education Office of the Forestry Department did not contact China Youth Audiovisual Publishing House, but by Liu himself arranged a group of groups of publishing agencies, with 10 employees to talk about individual conversations, after investigation The basic archives of Liu’s basic archives have no serious problems, which are not verified to the relevant units and departments, nor does it report to the party group of the forestry department.

According to the results of the check, the relevant departments of the Guangxi Autonomous Region made serious dealing with the case: Give Liu Tie construction to remove the party, and expense the punishment; give the Forestry Department Personnel Education Director Wei Mou, the members of the inspection team, Yang, a serious warning, the administrative record Over the disposal, and turn off the personnel jobs; give the inspection team members of the staff, the administrative records, and turn off the personnel work; responsibaby to make a written review to the party committee of the Autonomous Region. The President of the Chinese Youth Audiovisual Press, Hu Moumou, director and publication of the Center, has been dismissed and is dismissed.

Other related responsible persons involved in this case were also processed.

2, Heilongjiang investigated the deputy director of the Shuangcheng Merchants, Meng Deyong file framed case. Meng Deyong, participated in the work in November 1996, and he served as a member of Zhoujia Town Government Office, Shuangcheng Government Academician, Double City Merchants Bureau, and March 2012 Secretary Secretary (deputy department).

After investigation, Meng Deyong cadre file information has problems with fake false age, academic qualifications, cadres.

In November 1996, Meng Deyong was in order to meet the age of 18, in order to meet the age of absorption, the birth year was changed from March 1979 to March 1976 and fictitiously, Heilongjiang University administration college degree.

After adjusting to the two urban investment promotion bureaus from Shuangcheng Town, in early 2007, Meng’s archives have been preserved by their own privately, until the Shuangcheng Municipal Committee Organization Department is transferred to the Shuang City People’s Social Security Bureau. In March 2012, the Municipal Party Committee Organization Department has not strictly reviewed the archives of Mngtheng, and it will take it as the deputy director of China Merchants, leading to the misconduct of the employer.

According to the comparison result, the relevant departments of Heilongjiang Province shall be responsible for being seriously processed by the Shuangcheng Municipal Party Committee: Understanding the Director of the Meng Deyong City Merchants Bureau, cancels the identity of the cadre, give the left party to see a year; for the municipal party committee of branching cadres and archives Wei Moumou, deputy director of the organization, conducted a talker to talk, transferred to the organizational personnel; Li Mou, giveing ??a administrative note.