Gu’an governance "new Tuen Men style" optimization business environment

Original title: Gu’an governance "new Tuen Men style" optimized business environment into Gu’an Citizen Service Center, administrative examination and approval, convenience service and other 8 partition order.

Peng Yaxin, the head of the citizen service center, told the author, the center stationed department (enterprise) reached 21, 425 administrative licenses and service issues accounted for more than 90% of the county, enterprises, the masses to do things, only one door, Only find a window. "Our 484 staff members are 46, all of which are the backbone of each department.

The Civic Service Center is the most important window of the Guiying business environment. Our party members and cadres must be a good top-leading geese. Huang Qiang, member of the Party Group of Gu’an County Approve and Approval Bureau, Huang Qiang, a second-level director, told the author, the current center has receiving more than 4,000 people, 3,600 pieces of items, 100% of the completion rate, and the masses satisfaction rate reached%.

  The optimization business environment is the "number one project" of the Gu’an County Party Committee and County Government. "The biggest ideological liberation is to optimize the business environment. Sun Lina, secretary of the Gu’an County Party Committee, said that only the best service is the most active, the fastest, the most complete, the best quality business environment, can firmly grasp the Beijingjinjin The interaction of the development of the consequences, the construction of the emergency economic zone, the construction of Xiongan New District, and consolidate the foundation of Gu’an high quality development. Create a first-class business environment in the Beijing-Beijing area, Gu’an to solve the outstanding problems of the ideas, style and discipline of party members and cadres, and highlight the leading role of party building leadership, guide the county party members and cadres to change their work style, get rid of ideas.

For the lazy drag slow, the spirit slack is not active, eat the card to be chaotic, have to have a "new Tuen Men style", they insist on the combination of rectification and improvement, incentive and constraints, and introduce the business environment Thirty-two unauthorized (trial) "and other measures, focusing on rectification of slow as a result of unrest as a promising environment.

  The Gu’an County Committee further improved the "Measures for Cadre Assessment Evaluation", will carry out the optimization of the business environmental construction work into the leadership team and leading cadres’ performance assessment index system, encourage and guide the company’s reform and innovation, attacking hard, serving as a good business Entrepreneurship. In the first phase of the Village Street, the Village Street, Village, Village, China, gave full play to the role of party members and cadres, created 16-day signing completion rate than 98% in 18 days.

  Fast more quickly, convenient and convenient, the people and the company’s worries, troubles, worry, Gu’an County strive to be included in the scope of reform.

They vigorously promote approval and law enforcement privileges, relying on the public service center and 12 township-level convenience service centers, 397 village-level convenience service stations, will have administrative examination and approval services for approval and law enforcement conditions, basic public service matters and administrative punishment rights All destinations from townships and open the service masses and optimize the business environment "The last km".

  Starting from the most concerned matters of enterprises and the masses, Gu’an County fully implements "five zero" service models such as zero distance, zero running road, zero gates, zero delay, zero errors, and increase the focus of key work. Create a service environment for a stop. They took the lead in Langfang City, the "one seal management approval" model, the preparation of "the public" immediately, on the near, online office, one office "approval service project record, launch 38 industrial packages such as" government investment project ", vigorously promote The county, township, village three-level finger-in government affairs model, advocating the approver of the Village Silk Members. At present, Gu’an County online can run approval service matters have increased to%, and enterprises have taken the lead in achieving within 1 day in the city.

  "We are trying to build a good environment that is talented, so that more and more high-end talents are gathered.

"Chen Hongwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Gu’an County Committee, and the Ministry of Organization, introduced that they gave full play to the party management talent advantage, providing one-stop service in Gu’an innovation entrepreneurship.

They established the county leaders directly contact the high-end talent mechanism to help them solve the problems encountered in work.

Up to now, they have a total of 546 high-definition talents that have been promoted in Gu’an employment, and buy a house to subsidize more than 1.9 million yuan. Party construction leads the optimization of the business environment, Gu’an County also promotes the construction of the academician workstation, encourages and helps more enterprises and academics to establish a cooperative system, realizing academician intellectual resource sharing, with high-end talent projects to drive business environment improvement. At present, there are 238 high-level talents in the county, with a total of 644 small and medium-sized enterprises, and 16 provincial agricultural science and technology small giants have reached 16, ranking among the province’s science and technology innovation jumping plan A class counting. (Correspondent rumor, Jia Wentao reporter Meng Xianfeng) (Editor: Chen Si, Shi Jianzhong).