Guizhou Province leads to improve national folk cultural product design capabilities

This newspaper (Reporter Zhou Qing) recently, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall has issued the "Program of Work Action Plan for Guizhou National Folk Writing Commodity Design Capacity" to promote the design capacity of national folk cultural creative commodities in the province. "Program" proposes: By 2025, a group of national folk cultural goods designs talents and teams have cultivated a batch of national folk cultural commodity brands with excellent design, high quality, and market recognition. Cultivate a batch of national folk cultural product design talents.

Joint colleges, creative design institutions, industry associations, etc. Found around "Non-legacy Inheritance and Condominium Product Design" "Traditional Process and Culture Product Design Path and Innovation" "National Folk Wenchuang Commodity Promotion" "Culture Product Design Reengine" "Aesthetic Consumption" "Brand Design and Operation" and other themes are teaching, focus on improving the aesthetic and design capabilities of national folk cultural product designers.

Encourage the school-enterprise cooperative, relying on the Skills Masters, high-skilled talent training bases and various skills training institutions, and cultivate national folk cultural goods design talents.

Introduce a group of national folk cultural product design talents.

Encourage all kinds of cultural enterprises at all levels to set up national folk literary design, through Guizhou Provincial Talent Expo, college graduate employment negotiation, online recruitment and other platforms to introduce national folk cultural goods design talents. Supporting Wenchuang Enterprises through "migratory" appointment, "offshore" research and development, "patrol" service, etc., introduce high-end talents or excellent teams for national folk cultural commodities.

Encourage and support all kinds of Qing Dynasties of all kinds of literary enterprises to pay the payment to well-known civilian design agencies, and the Wenchuang Industry Association will work with class. Found a batch of national folk cultured merchandise design talents. Establish a national folk literary product design talent column, forming a map of national folk cultural product design, organizing national folk cultural commodity design and development, operation, management talents study exchange activities and project cooperation. Host national folklinning commodity design contests, Guizhou Provincial Rural Tourism Calendal Competition, Non-Genetic Skills Competition, and "Creative Down Towns" and other activities, found an excellent talent of national folk literary commodity design.

Building a national folk cultural commodity display promotion platform. Encourage all kinds of museums, art gallery, libraries, cultural museums, and intangible cultural heritage protection centers to participate in national folk cultural commodity development, and support the establishment of national folk cultural commodity development industry organizations, promoting resource sharing, channel sharing.

Supporting Wenchuang Enterprises utilize various industrial exhibitions, commodity fairs and other platforms to show outstanding national folk literary goods, supporting Wenchuang companies to carry out outstanding national folk cultural commodity marketing by providing flagship stores in e-commerce platforms. Increase the concentrated display and publicity promotion of national folk literary commodities, and promoted the formation of a batch of well-designed, high quality, high quality, market-recognized national folk cultural product brand. (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.