Guangzhou: Classroom change "bedroom" lunch break say goodbye to "sleep"

  Xinhua News Agency, September 17th: Guangzhou: Classroom Change "Bedroom" Lunch Remote Say goodbye to "Sleep" Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Tianhong "Double Reduction" new semester One of the important contents of the post-class service. For children to have better sleep, some primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou should be implemented, and the "revolution" of the lunch break is "sleep" into "lying sleep".

  At present, there are most a lot of priests to sleep on the table.

But many schools believe that this sleeping posture oppressive arms, neck, facial, lungs, etc., long, in the past, is not conducive to the child’s health. For children’s healthy growth, some primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou explore better open mode of lunch break.

In Guangzhou, the fifth middle school, the reporter saw that one to 1 point in noon, nearly 1200 students in the middle school in the middle school were doing the same thing: the classroom is transformed.

  Classmates get up from the seat at almost the same time, quickly pack their books and lessons, some towards, some moving chairs, some pending mats, and there is a cleaning classroom. In just a few minutes, a temporary "bed" that is made by the table and chairs and matthers will appear in the classroom, and the classroom will become "bedroom". After 1 hour of quiet sleep, the students get up to the table and chairs, the spirit glow to the class.

  In Guangzhou Xiguan Pei Zheng Primary School, the new semester classroom and the wall design were installed in the woil. When the lunch break time, under the guidance of the teacher, the children came to the afternoon of the wall, unwinding the safety snaps, small hands, the cabinet turned into a long rice, width "afternoon bed " After the lunch break, the students quickly finished sleeping, after two folds, the small beds were restored into small cabinets.

  Li Yuanbin, the first (9) class of the fifth middle school in Guangzhou, said that after the "flat sleep" at noon, in the afternoon, study is more concentrated, more spiritual, more efficient. Zhang Weiqing, the same class, said that this process also exercised our self-management capabilities and promoted good order.

  Guangzhou Fifth Middle School President Yan Zhijian said that the school does not have a spacious lunch break, we use the existing conditions simple to handle, let the children have better sleep; at the same time, through the creation of such a situation, also cultivated children collective concept And awareness of each other.