From the sound of the ear to the ear, the row, the river, the new era civilization practice new story

  "Today, the parties are all kinds of governance, which is the fine tradition of our party … Let each party members draw spiritual power from history, thus injecting infinite vitality and vitality in the country to revitalize." Recently, Qiuliang Village, Xiaonanhai Town, Qijiang District The Times Civilization Practice Station Standard Run Group has launched a "card" action of party history education. By reviewing the cultural changes in the construction of Nanhai Dashang, encouraging party members to pick up the sleeves.

  How to make the party’s voice "fly into the home", can you enter the ear into the brain? Since this year, the Qijiang District uses a variety of preaching methods such as broadcast media, Internet communication, and atmosphere arrangement. Service and other preaching brands and achieve significant results.

  To build a party history, "card" brand attracting more than 500 million people to visit "Scenario, let history ‘live’, is a typical feature of the new era civilization practice office (station) long party history.

"The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of the Minjiang District Office introduced that the red resources of the river, the numerous species, both revolutionary sites and the revolutionary education base such as the sole residence of Waterfind, Hongjun, Wutao.

At the same time, relying on the new era civilization practice center, office, station, and red schools in the house, and the red school in the house ", the party history" punch "is carried out at the Red Sites’ Remaining Site. Guide party members and cadres to come to "card", in the atmosphere of the scene, the sense of ceremony, let the party members and cadres are immersive education, effectively enhance the appeal of learning education, appeal, and achieve the party’s history to extend from "indoor" to "Outdoor" transition.

  In order to better let the publication of the masses, the party history teaches "punch" according to the local folk customs, uses the story, 诵, hits the fast board, speaks three sentences, singing, question and answers, etc., to carry out the party history for ordinary people The little story, party history knowledge, today’s history of the party, the national history songs, etc. Party history teaches the communication power, guiding force, and influential influence of "punch card". All New Times Civilization Practice (station) conducts "card" video at the same time on site, and records "card" video, which is released from the new era Civilization Practice Center in all kinds of platforms, let more party history stories through the network Entering thousands of households, achieving the development of party history education from "underline" to "online". Up to now, the Minjiang District has completed the director of the new era of the new era of township streets, 22 district-level departments, the main leaders of the party history, "card" video, these videos are in WeChat, shake, public account, TV, etc. The platform is similar to the same frequency, and the full network has more than 500,000 people, causing a wide concern and strong response.

In addition, the Village (Community) New Age Civilization Practice Weather "card" video is also broadcast. Introducing social expert resources to carry out the "Shuangbai" expert "six lectures" volunteer service in the Goose pool town, 8 o’clock every morning, 6 o’clock in the evening, the "big speaker" of the village, the "big speaker" will sound on time, and to present the party to the villagers Policy; in Bai Township, every "1, 6" is "Market Day", Baoti Towns integrated a number of resources to build "all (1, 6)" service platform, combining the publicity and the masses to do practical things, Strengthen the publicity of the law, promote the "lunge" of the cadres and the people; In again, by introducing social expert resources, it creates a ‘Double Hundred’ Experts’ Volunteer Service Brand.

"The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of the Minjiang District Office, relying on the new era civilization practice" double hundred "experts (the theoretical policy preaching experts, 147 knowledge and skills training experts), extensively carry out" theory, policies, and laws, Speaking of science and technology, health, typical, "Six lecture" volunteer services for the main content. For example, in order to promote the "Chongqing Civilization Behavior Promotion Ordinance" into the village community, September 17, Bai Township invited " Double Hundred "Expert Wang Lei gave birth to the public representatives of various village community:" Huang Dai Niang, now the township has built garbage transshipment station, the garbage is not in the front of the house, is it in the house, is it a house? "" It’s very comfortable, and the civilized habit is much better. "

"Huang Da Niang is happy to answer the scene in the scene. In the event, the prognostic personnel interpret the language, advocating the masses to consciously practice civilized politeness, helping others, protect the environment, etc., further deepened the impression, Encourage villagers to speak civilized words, do civilized things, and do civilized people, and continue to penetrate the customs.

  More than 200 "Double Hundred" experts use the combination of "speaking, singing, play", "theory + literary + volunteer service" combination into the organ, rural, community, enterprise, campus.

Up to now, Lijiang has organized more than 1300 scenes of "six lectures", and 30 civilized practices in the whole district, and 219 civilized practical station coverage rate reached 100%. Work hard to create a large-scale snowy feminist in December, walking in the streets of the Qijiang City, and walking everywhere in the road, and learning education propaganda slogans.

"Although the weather is chilly, these slogans are warm, and they will inspire the driving force of struggle.

"The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of the Minjiang District Office, introduced by adopting an atmosphere arrangement, media propaganda, activity organization, and fine temperament, etc., and strive to create a preaching atmosphere, allowing the masses to explore the development of the new era, and the new look of Lijiang. Among them, in the atmosphere arrangement, the River’s main road, public square, transportation site, community community and other important points of the city, and 3,800 people, etc., celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. More than 3,200 ;; 3,600 socialist core values ??such as socialist core values ??in the city, community community, park plaza, etc. During the time, the important page opened "Struggling 100 Years Road Qihang New Journey" Important meeting spirit, propaganda reports of various departments at all levels, more than 3,500 related manuscripts, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, carrying out the "Forever and Party", the massatic theme education activities, relying on the Lijiang District The Martyrs Cemetery, the "Four History" Education Halls of the Minjiang District, and the water city Red Army revolutionary exhibition hall launched more than 800 scenes. In the exhibition of the exhibition of the boutique, the Ministry of Organization District, the Ministry of Organization, etc. Time Civilization Practice "Six Lectures" Volunteer Series, Speaking Theory – "Hundreds of Years of Young Swinding" The "scientific weight loss and healthy life of the Health" Wu Caixia announced the "six lecture" Volunteer Series finals in the new era of Chongqing. Tang Zhu.