Hebei provincial administrative institutions in the provincial administrative institutions will be implemented in state-owned assets

Original title: Provincial Administrative Units Promoting State-owned Assets Performance Management Hebei Provincial Department of Finance to formulate the provision of the provincial administrative state-owned assets performance evaluation, next year – the provincial administrative unit promotes the implementation of state-owned assets performance management to implement the central and Hebei The province on strengthening the relevant deployment requirements of state-owned asset management, improve the efficiency of state-owned assets, recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Finance has formulated the "Hebei Province Provincial Administrative State-owned Assets Performance Evaluation Measures (Trial)".

Trial approach, since January 1 next year, the provincial-level administrative institutions in Hebei Province will begin to implement state-owned asset performance management, based on budget management integrated asset management system data, establish state-owned asset performance management system, establish and improve performance indicators and Standard, give full play to performance evaluation of management guidance and incentives, improve state-owned asset management levels and comprehensive benefits.

The performance evaluation of state-owned assets is based on the period of the budget, and the annual evaluation is carried out, and the principle of disclosure transparency, strict standards, objective justice, and effectiveness, to achieve the combination of asset management and budget management, financial management. The Provincial Department of Finance is responsible for formulating asset performance evaluation indicators and approaches, and organizes to guide provincial administrative units to carry out asset performance evaluation. The budget authorities shall supervise the provision of asset performance evaluation and monitor the asset performance evaluation process by regulatory. The provincial administrative institution is responsible for carrying out the asset performance evaluation of the unit, establishing a comprehensive internal control management system, improving asset management work for asset performance evaluation results, and improving asset efficiency.

Trial approach proposes that state-owned asset performance evaluations use quantitative indicators, set first-level indicators and secondary indicators. Level 1 indicators include management normative indicators, information integrity indicators, and work efficiency indicators.

The second-level indicator is a dynamic indicator such as the position of the position, the asset to the person, and the deposited time and time, and will be adjusted in a timely adjustment according to the annual work. Asset performance evaluation mainly relying on the asset system, the evaluation results are divided into excellent, good, medium and difference.

Asset performance evaluation results will gradually incorporate budget performance management. For sectors that are poor and insufficient improvement, it will reduce or add budgetary funds related to asset-related budget funds as appropriate. The relevant responsible persons of the Provincial Department of Finance said that the development of the trial approach, providing an important reference for promoting the establishment of a state-owned asset performance evaluation index system, filled the blank of asset performance evaluation, will accelerate the national asset management and performance management integration process, Effectively reduce the cost of administrative institutions and further enhance the efficiency and benefits of state-owned assets. (Reporter Gong Xian Yun correspondent He Fei, Zhou Wei) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.