Huainan prevents "non-food" breeding grain

  "Food security is a big event, we actively respond to the government’s call, withdraw from the lawn planting, and restore food production as soon as possible.

"On October 16, Li Xuecheng, Li Xuecheng, Digogou Town, Shouxian County, tested machinery to the land.

As the turf plant, vegetables, soybeans, etc., have become the future of their future industrial development.

  "Although there are several fight jade, it is better to be a plate." In recent years, Huainan City has strictly guarded the red line of cultivated land and the permanent basic farmland control line, protecting limited, scarce, non-renewable cultivated land resources. The city signed a restriction of cultivated land protection targets, and the protection area of ??cultivated land, permanent basic farmland protection area, supplemented cultivated land, and high standard farmland construction as a cultivated land protection target assessment, incorporating the government annual target assessment and food safety County The long (district leader) is responsible for the assessment of the "horizontal to the side, longitudinal to the end".

  Into the river in Datong District Confucian Township, the reporter found that an inspection and quarantine housing built by the dry land and the inland is has been demolished and re-cultivated. In response to violations of violations that do not meet the management of facilities, local governments strengthen monitoring supervision. It is understood that Huainan City continues to strengthen the protection of cultivated land, especially permanent basic farmland, strictly control construction to occupy permanent basic farmland, resolutely stop the "non-agricultural" "non-agrochemical" "non-food", multi-channel promotion of land development and cross-county District index adjustment, implementing cultivated land "Quality Reconstruction" to meet the needs of construction land approval and balance.

  In the Yuncun Village, Yangcun Town, Fengtai County, 5,000 mu of rice is harvest, and the yield is 600 kg, the rice rate is 67%, and the history is high.

Zhu Zhenbu, secretary of the party branch of the store collection, said to the reporter that the village has returned 50 acres of the villagers in the villagers in more than 50 acres. In this regard, the village stops in time, and repairs and reclaims the cultivated land contracted.

  "Huainan City has a cultivated land area of ??10,000 acres.

Stick to the permanent basic farmland red line, build well, manage high standard farmland, is to protect our lifeline. Chen Tao, the head of Huainan Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, told reporters. (Bai Song) (Editor: Huang Yan, Guanfei) Sharing let more people see.