Hohhot City Basic Buildings Full Process Management System

Recently, the reporter learned from the municipal government. Since this year, the Hohhot has continued to make up shortboard, strong weakness, and promote garbage classification. At present, it has basically built a total of domestic garbage classification full process management system.

It is understood that in the classification of living garbage, Hohhot City, the results of the advanced, gathering, and formulating 29 rules and regulations such as management methods, assessment methods, evaluation standards, established "daily inspection, week notification, moon rankings, season The reward and punishment "evaluation rewards and punishment mechanism.

Hohhot City accumulated fund billion, set up a four-class collection container 10843 groups, and built a centralized investment point box (pavilion) 1730, with 3,742 barrels of supervisors, 3,521 garbage collection, 3521, built into garbage points Picking up the center, the treatment site is 12 seats and 2 garbage incineration power plants. In terms of garbage sort management, the management, the management, the industry management "three-tube" supervision model, the 32 offices of Hohhot, 253 communities, 2849 residential communities, Wanjia residents and all public institutions, schools generally Domestic garbage classification. Hohhot’s classification facilities equipment coverage has reached 100%, and the awareness of residents reached%, and the collection rate of domestic garbage reached%.

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