How beautiful Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu promote green development? Fan Jinlong with "four beautiful" answer

People Nanjing November 4 electric November 4 morning, the State Council Information Office on the Yangtze River Delta integration of national strategies rise the third anniversary of a press conference, Cong Liang, deputy director of the State Development and Reform Commission said at the meeting, Zhejiang and Anhui each director Yang , orderly and effective to promote the "plan" landing implementation, based on "a very three districts, a highland" strategic positioning, promote integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta has achieved fruitful results. In this context, how to promote the implementation of the Jiangsu Yangtze River Delta integration strategy? Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Fan Jinlong attended the press conference and answered questions related to reporters.

Jiangsu Yangtze River Delta integration in promoting the implementation of national development strategies, how to answer given the good General Secretary of "striving to set an example, to become demonstration, in the forefront," the major proposition? In this regard, Fan Jinlong at the meeting with the three words to answer: First, the requirements of Jiangsu striving to set an example in the development of high quality, our goal is to completely transfer mode, adjust structure, strong momentum and achieve the Jiangsu Development "by the big to strong "; Second, the national service requirements in Jiangsu to build on the new development pattern to become the demonstration, is to be based in Jiangsu manufacturing advantages of developed infrastructure and future development, accelerate scientific and technological self-reliance, enhance the resilience of the industry chain supply chain, promote Jiangsu manufacturing industry into the global manufacturing value chain of high-end; Third, the requirements of Jiangsu in the forefront of the first to achieve socialist modernization, its biggest feature is reflected in the integration of urban and rural development, the most representative region of the Soviet Union South (Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing, Zhenjiang) the construction of socialist modernization demonstration area. Yangtze River Delta region not only to consolidate the foundation of green development, but also on the forefront of ecological protection. Jiangsu industrial economic development, in promoting green construction and development in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, specifically what had been done? Fan Jinlong said, proposed the construction of the beautiful Jiangsu Jiangsu overall goal, embodied in the "four beautiful", that is, the natural ecological beauty, livable urban and rural areas, the beauty Aqua humanities, the beauty of green development.

First, create the beauty of the natural ecology. Jiangsu to build a strong ecological background beautiful as the primary task of Jiangsu. To make water is more green, the first implementation of Jiangsu long system of rivers and lakes, the province’s leading cadres at all levels a total of ten thousand lakes long, to the end of the Jiangsu major tributary of the Yangtze river and into the sea to eliminate all bad V category. To make soil more net, Jiangsu launched a large-scale afforestation action, green plains difficulty is still not small. Currently, the province’s forest coverage rate reached 24%, especially in the Yellow Sea Yancheng wetland successful World Natural Heritage, to fill the gaps in our country coastal wetland class. Second, the United States and create livable urban and rural areas.

As a pilot provinces only beautiful livable city, Jiangsu force in two ways: on the one hand, efforts to promote urban renewal action, make city life better; on the other hand, push forward the construction of rural idyllic village character, exploring the countryside in living form of modernization process in the rural countryside into a beautiful garden city more desirable.

At present, Jiangsu has nine national ecological garden city, successfully recommended 15 cities won the "China Habitat Environment Award", this number now accounts for 47% and 35% of the national total. Especially since 2017, Jiangsu three batches created 77 feature of the town, it should be said that these towns would have become livable, vibrant new space for development.

Third, to create the United States Aqua humanities.

Jiangsu due to water-hing, filled by water, with more than 400 km long Yangtze River, has nearly 1,000 kilometers of coastline, has two freshwater lakes in the country’s five largest freshwater lakes – Taihu Lake and Hongze Lake, Huaihe River and also has the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand canal. Therefore, by Jiangsu seize the "water" distinctive sign, make a "water" article, co-ordination to achieve green development Jianghai rivers and lakes. Along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Yangtze River shoreline length of use, reducing more than 40 km over the 2018 peak times.

Now the proportion of ecological coastline is%, the proportion of production is%, the proportion of living shoreline%, since the Yangtze River protection, ecological coastline increased percentage points. Fourth, the United States and to build green development.

Jiangsu percent of the land area carrying six percent of the population, creating% of the total economy. Jiangsu production unit of gross land area is 10 times the national average, but the main pollutant emission intensity reached 4-5 times the national average, eco-environmental constraints have become increasingly prominent. In the US green development, Jiangsu Province to promote the green industry as the transition Radical Measures, proposed the "group of four", that is, building a number of high-quality green industrial development zone, foster a number of innovative green technology companies, to create a number of provincial green circle model of development, creating a number of national green industry demonstration base. (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.