Pay attention to this winter, Xi’an heating, the sixth, these communities have not warmed

West Network News (Reporter Liu Yihong) Xi’an began to centrally heated, but as of today (November 16), there were still many citizens who were cold and worried about heating.

Pipe repair, payment dispute, property push … Recently, the "Minsheng Hotline" column of Western Network has received complaints about heating. Insufficient occupancy rate, heating disputes Xi’an these communities are difficult to heating Xi’an Central International City South District owners reported that the property notice owners have a normal heating of 1, 2, 3, and 11, other floors do not heal. Notice: "Because of the integrated factors such as electricity, registration ratio, the registration rate is not up to standard," "" But the resident registration ratio of other floors has now reached 60%, but the property is still not heating.

"The owner said. To this end, the reporter called the property company, the staff said," I don’t know what to do, this is determined by the developer. "Xi’an Baihua Village Community U-Tylou owners complained that he warm early, he warm early, has been heated for a few days, but the property did not try." The property said because there are 30 owners arrears in the Year. Heating fees, the heat company requires all that it must be fully cleared to hear. What should we do these owners who have paid on time? Like our middle-aged people wear cotton jackets recently, after a while, the weather is colder, how did the old man have received? "For the questions reflected in netizens, the property response reporter said that they enjoy normal heating from yesterday, but they did not pay the arrears of warm temperament households." If they still can’t accept it, the enthusiasm is not heating, the property will pay for the property Household refund.

"The pipeline renovation complaint phone does not accept the warmth of the Xi’an Taihu Community, the owner of the Xi’an Taihu Community reflects that according to the provisions of the Municipal Government should be charged at 22 o’clock on November 10 nights, the moral thermal company to which the community belongs is transformed by pipelines. Heating service. Now the pipeline is still a cold, the consultation phone is also unable. The reporter has made many consultations in Shaanxi Mingde Central Heating Co., Ltd. (85453185), and there is no one to answer.

Xi’an Telecom’s four household districts of the family of Nankai reflected that the purple thermal company has not heated after heating this year.

Listening to the water is always ringing, but there is no temperature, "there is an old man at home, not heating."

Subsequent, the reporter called the purple light, "We are the operation company, the specific heating of the four family members of Telecom is Shaanxi Mingde Central Heating Co., Ltd., and now the temperature of the main pipe is only 18 ° C, and the pipe is currently being transformed.

"What is the operation manager of Ziku’s enthusiasm to answer. The temperature of the war is expected to reach the standard in the sea, the owner of Jinyuan Junyi Community is not reached, and the temperature does not meet the standard.

"There are more than 4,000 owners in our community. Since 2019, we will continue to open the winter. This year, some owners have not paid warm-on fees, they want to reach the standard, but the property will be opened by this." The reporter calls the property, the staff said: "There is no case where there is no valve. At present, most owners’ indoor temperatures are up to standard, which is not hot, we will send people to the households." 良 城The Lido Community owner commented that at home on November 14th, the radiators at home began a little temperature, and now she is only from 12 ° C to 14 ° C, which is far from the standard.

Calling the relevant departments, often is a busy state. Chang’an District Guotiang Tianxiang Community owners said to Minsheng hotline complaints that there is a temperature on Town, No. 7, No. 7 of the Community, on November 10, but the room is often less than 18 ° C.

The complaint is difficult to get on. After the opening of the test staff is not in time, the owner can’t wait to measure the temperature every day, and can only be heated with air conditioning. The owners of the Shenglong Square Community in the Central District said that the Jinquan property notified on the 15th, and the heating on November 10 is still cold. After starting to burn, the family is not so cold, and the temperature is expected to meet the time as soon as possible. How to protect the heating at home? In accordance with the "Xi’an Central Heating Regulations": Centralized heating period, under normal weather conditions, and outdoor temperature is not lower than the lowest design temperature of the heating system, the building envelopment structure is in line with the standard and indoor heating of the heating design at the time. Under normal operating conditions, heating enterprises should ensure that the user’s bedroom, the room temperature of the living room is not less than 18 ° C. Because the temperature of the heating company, the temperature of the user, the temperature of the living room does not meet the standard, the heating enterprises should take measures to ensure that the room temperature reaches the standards, and the number of non-reached the standards confirmed by the heating of the heating, removing the basic heat fee, The heat fee is refunded to the user according to the following criteria: the heating temperature is above or equal to 16 ° C, below 18 ° C, refunds 20% of the heat fee; temperature above or equal to 14 ° C, below 16 ° C, refund the heat fee 50%; the temperature is below 14 ° C, and the heat fee is refunded. Western Net · Shaanxi headline will continue to pay attention to heating problems.