"Shanghai Bay Area" city brand continued Jinshan started signing a series of major projects

People Shanghai November 12 (by Wang Wenjuan) to undertake further spillovers into the Expo, in-depth implementation of the "two districts, one fort" strategic positioning, speed up the construction of a new pattern of "north-south transition", will become Jinshan to build advanced manufacturing important bearing area , fully started "Shanghai Bay" city brand, November 11, sponsored by the Shanghai Jinshan District people’s government "to speed up the transformation of the new development, shaping the city’s new image" 2021 Shanghai industrial investment Bay Area cities Recommend cum Conference. At the meeting, Kingsoft respectively Hart aviation, Milkyway, City Investment and other key projects signed, and signed a major trade orders and distinctions of the group. As a multi-industry investment platform company has the resources and the market system to customers on a global scale, the company will invest Hart in the eastern Jinshan Industrial Zone with an annual output 1.75 million units (sets) Intelligent aviation parts and components research and production base, construction land area of ??about 262 acres total investment of approximately $ (equivalent to approximately RMB million) million.

According to reports, the project will be put into operation in 2023, to achieve full production in 2026, reaching the production output of about 4,789,130,000 yuan per mu output value of over 18 million yuan / mu. It is reported that Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Services Limited plans to build "chemical wisdom of Internet integration platform project" in the second work area Logistics Industrial Park billion investment, create a set of chemical electricity supplier, packaging workshops, laboratories, complex business R & D centers, supply chain platform (+ warehousing and distribution) as one of the chemicals trading platform. Meanwhile, the company on September 22 through a public delisting billion acquisition of two ways to the work area of ??logistics enterprises in Shanghai industrial park sporadic Dangerous Chemicals Logistics Limited (covering about 66 acres) of 100% stake in planned additional follow-up of about 30 million yuan upgrading in order to strengthen the base of the tank, dispensing and compounding capability.

Jinshan is located in the Yangtze River Delta, my country’s aviation industry with the expansion of airspace resources outstanding, bearing industry is vast.

From 2018 to 2021, from the establishment of the East China UAV base and enable the Smart Components Hart Aviation signed to establish R & D base, deep plowing Jinshan "Vault", gathering more and more high-quality industrial projects, resulting in more powerful radiation effect, a world-class "Laputa" positive early development posture, Charge flying in Hangzhou Bay.

According to reports, gifted Harper will invest in "Shanghai distinctions of wisdom thermostat food supply chain operations management center" project and the "excellent co (East China) R & D headquarters" project in Jinshan, temperature-controlled food industry base to build a global cluster, investment amounted to billion dollars (equivalent to RMB 100 million), plans to put into operation in 2024, to achieve full production in 2026, reaching the production output value of more than 7.5 billion yuan, the project investment strength of not less than 7.25 million yuan / mu, yield strength of not less than 39.69 million yuan / mu / year, tax strength of not less than 100 yuan / mu / year.

With the "Shanghai Bay" city brand continued fired, gave birth to more new investment opportunities, Jinshan is becoming a hot spot for investment.

It is reported that from January to September this year, foreign contracted projects completed within the Jinshan District 106, planned investment will be nearly 30 billion yuan, the new September 5 billion yuan intention to focus on a project, plans to invest 900 million yuan, the new registration capital of 30 million or more enterprises 412, the region’s new construction industry project 39, nine new projects this month. Jinshan District, a total of 32 district-level agencies to provide effective information 79 industrial projects for the towns, industrial areas, the intention of investment of about billion. Among them, more than 500 million yuan of investment funded 19 projects.

Meanwhile, 48 district-level authorities to attract 260 registered enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that during the Fair into the year, for the first time into the Jinshan National Convention Center, Hall of Investment Promotion Convention, has attracted exhibitors from around the Expo site into participation, more online businesses to participate in remote docking, carried out after the meeting in-depth exchanges.

Organic combination of online and offline, to build a professional investment and investment docking platform for governments, businesses, parks, Fair continued to enlarge investment into promoting effect, the practical realization of the "Let the exhibits become commodities, so that exhibitors change investors’ mind .

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