"Love Donation, Health Dream" Public Welfare Bookstore is completed in Sichuan, Fule Medical Use the road to warm!

Recently, the Fu Le Medical Group and the Shanghai First Pacific Public Welfare Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Foundation), Health Dream 2021 Public Welfare Bookstore Activities Donate and enable rituals, which also marks the formal completion of public welfare book house. The public welfare bookstore has got a total of love, and the joint initiative received 5013 books from all over the world and also raised the good yuan.

Under the multi-party testimony, Fule Medical and Foundation selected 2550 books that were suitable for children’s reading, went to the Chongr Township Central Primary School of Zaku County, Abazhou, Sichuan Province.

The primary school is far from the mountains of 3832 meters above sea level.

Previously, there were a small amount of collections, but most of them were seriously damaged.

This public welfare activity, brought more than 2,500 books, greatly enriched the school collection catalog, and the public welfare book has become a veritable school library.

In addition to the book, this public welfare activity also brought 630 pairs of children’s socks, 300 pairs of stockings, 50 medical packages, 100 water pen, 100 masks and reading area mats. The public welfare donation solves the shortcomings of Chongri-Township Central Primary School, the number of per capita deposits, and more satisfied with students’ diversified reading needs, and has been warmly welcomed by teachers and students.

At the donation ceremony, the principal of the Chongr Township Central Primary School is very excited. He said: The first and winter in the late autumn, the snow, cold days, all can’t stop the warmth of all parties. All donated books, not only from Huize children, but also a heavy love, igniting the hope and dream for the mountain children! He also represents the initiator of the children Fuxi Medical and Shanghai First Pacific Public Welfare Foundation And all the helpful love companies expressed their gratitude! In the two days of laying books, volunteers are busy organizing books, they also draw together with students, explain health science knowledge, explain music art culture, and daily epidemic prevention points Or knowledge and hygiene tips. In the class, they run the classroom with the teachers and students of the school, jump together, participate in the school’s sunshine sports class, play games together. Its music is fun.

Volunteers through these activities, enhanced their feelings with students, and let the children understand the bigger world outside the mountains. For the smooth progress of this public welfare bookstore, in mid-July this year, Fule Medical launched a medical store of 8 cities as a line donation, and launched a series of donation activities in donation points to lay health. Knowledge Garden, providing portable first aid kits, etc., dedicating a rich love for companies and individuals who offer love.

In addition to the initiator Fule Medical Group and the Foundation, many enthusiastic people and love companies also participate in them, they include Zhejiang Liansheng Heng Xin Energy Co., Ltd., Global Doctor, Kaide Group, Dalian Tengfei Park , Xi’an Tengfei Park, Pye Party, Upper Music Training Center, Shanghai Water Fuzi Gongyi Foundation and other enterprises.

Public welfare has no end. Fule Medical will continue to be in the initial heart of public welfare, integrating public welfare spirit into brand culture, and passing health and hopes to more people. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.