Renesa Factory Fire Japanese Auto Indication

[] Japanese semiconductor giant Renesa Electronic Nawee Factory fire event continued to ferment. Renesa said on the 21st that it will try our best to restore production of fires in a month.

Many industry insiders said that in the context of the "chip shortage" worldwide, the automotive industry is likely to further reduce production due to Renesas fire events. In the early morning of March 19, Risa Electronics was located in the plant in Zebu County.

The fire point is located in the "clean room" and is the core facilities of the factory.

The fire did not cause personal injury, but some equipment were seriously damaged. At present, the 300mm wafer production line of Nawee is due to fire, and the import of important semiconductor-microcontroller for controlling the car is highly affected. According to Japan’s economic news, Rissa has a global market share in this field, and the factory is an important production base of Rissa’s car semiconductor. Chai Tianying, President of Renesas, said on the 21st that the impact of fire on the supply chain may be very large, and the company is considering organization instead of production.

Chai Nat also admitted that there was an uncertainty in restoration production. "The goal is to start production within one month, but some aspects are currently unknown."

  The report of the "Japanese Economic News" website said that the production process of semiconductor products is more, usually two to three months. Therefore, the supply chain is normal or takes more than three months. The global car semiconductor industry has been affected by non-market factors and extreme weather in the United States. In this context, there is a fire in the factory, so that Japanese car manufacturers have further reduced the risk of increasing production.

  On the 22nd, it was affected by the Ruisa fire event, and the Nikkei stock index fell more than 600 points.

Among them, Rissa stock price fell%, Toyota fell%, Honda fell%, and Nissan decreased. The Chief Analyst of the Nakanishi Automotive Industry Institute, said that the situation that I originally thought that the tight supply of semiconductor will be relieved before July, and the fire is completely unexpected.

From the current situation, the fastest expected a month to recover, the slowest may have to be three months, which will increase the impact of industrial chain cracking against the Japanese automotive industry.

  The Chief Researcher of the Iozhong Comprehensive Institute is deeply tail, and the high-end semiconductor is extremely high, it is difficult to quickly purchase equipment in the short term, and restore the work environment. The situation in the difficulties in the automotive industry can last for half a year. Affected by "chip shortage", Honda, Nissan, Subaru, etc. have lowered the year of performance expectations that ended from March this year. Industry insiders believe that the fire will have an impact on major automobile manufacturers, and add snow in the Japanese automobile industry.

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