"EMU" war high temperature, professional maintenance "escort" passengers travel

Modern Express On July 14, Nantong continued to open the "roast" mode.

On the same day, a busy scene in Nantong Train in Xiuxuan District, Nantong City.

Although the temperature in the maintenance library has reached 40 ° C, "EMU" is not afraid of high temperature "roast", carrying out the special cultivation of the EMU, and people travel with professional and rigorous attitudes. On the same day, in addition to the access and export of the maintenance library, the maintenance library of the Nantong EMU is basically closed, and the temperature in the maintenance library is 40 ° C.

The mechanics have risen heat in the heat group 600,000 km. Modern Express reporter learned that all CRH2A, CRH2B, CRH2C type EMU, 600,000 kilometers of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., is applied in Nantong Train. Plan this year to complete 35 columns (total 40 standard group), each group of EMUs 600,000 km special repair require 12 mechanics, a total of 25 projects, need to be completed 4 days, is the current most complex repair process of Nantong Trains.

The first day of the project includes brake test, ventilation device inspection and cleaning, anti-snake oil pressure damper disassembly, auxiliary power supply device transformer and reactor cleaning, ATP power supply open replacement, rescue EMU power supply Device check, gearbox grounding device decomposition, etc.

"To ensure the absolute safety of the high-speed rail train, we must be careful, nuts, bolts, one of the doctor, and the bolt. Even high temperature weather, I don’t dare to slack off." Quality inspectors Xu Jian said.

Although the sweat has already wet his clothes, he still sticks to the position, carefully check the number of bolts, and ensure that the safety "does not fall". "Every day, the EMU is carefully checked, we have to repeat a set of hundreds of movements, walk up to 10,000 steps, often drown down, clothes and hats are wet.

"Ge Jiayu, born in 1996, is a professional EMU mechanic of Nantong Train Works. He is working with his colleagues to install anti-snake oil pressure damper. In addition to ensuring safe operation of the train, Nantong Entry "Doctors" will also "clear lung detoxification" in the EMU. Every day, mechanics also focus on strengthening the inspection and maintenance of air conditioning systems, and uses the thermometer to test air-conditioned air-conditioning temperature, ensuring the comfort temperature of around 26 ° C. After a full-scale deep maintenance, the cleaning confirmed that the air-conditioning in the whole train group is good, the EMU can run "health" to run, meet the needs of passengers comfortable. The Modern Express reporter learned that Nantong EMU is the fourth of Jiangsu The use of the train, covering an area of ??987 mu, there is a 6-line check library, 20 storage lines and 2 artificial wash lines, and reserved 4-wire inspection library, the scale construction of 16 storage lines, mainly assumed Ning Qi Line , The use of maintenance work in the Shanghai Sutong Railway, Yan Pin High-speed Railway and other lines. Since the operation, the number of maintenance of Nantong EMU has grown rapidly.

At present, Nantong Train Works has a total of 48 groups of CRH2A and CRH2B, and about 20 groups in average, and 6 different models have been stored in Nantong. Correspondent Ni Wen Sun Congcong Modern Express + / Zaker Nanjing reporter Huayu related recommendation.