The fifth issue of "Committee": Shi Xiaoming Committee talked from the health and health of ecological environment

The Fifth Program of the "Committee" of the General Office of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is broadcast on the official website of the National Political Consultative Conference on May 15. The current program is "the theme", the theme of "Environment and Health: Environmental and Health: Ecological Environment Protection from the Perspective of Health and Health". The "Committee Lecture Hall" program is proposed by the Global Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. It is designed to organize the CPPCC members to combine their own reality, fully learn to promote the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in the new era, and explain the understanding and understanding of major decision-making deployments on party and national decision-making. Further strengthen ideological and political leadership, broad consensus consensus, and improve the quality, impact and development of the People’s Political Consultative Conference in the two-way efforts of the consensus and agglomeration consensus, and promote the generals of the CPPCC members and the world’s characteristic socialist thinking under Xi Jinping. To work together to struggle to achieve the target tasks determined by the party’s nineteen major.