Rather, the sidewalk next to the train station is the official: installation of isolation facilities

People’s Network "Leading Message Board" Screenshot "Sports Walks Used to block the stone pier of the motor vehicle, the distance between the 5 stone piers is only 4, and there is no need to leave out the door to the motor vehicle, and a good one will change It became a serious free outdoor parking lot. "The netizen message said," Only a stone pier can solve the problem, why is it so difficult? The construction master buried 4 stone piers used for more than an hour.

"In this regard, Fuyang City Public Security Bureau Fancheng Public Security Bureau responded: Because the sign mark is still not perfect because the road section is currently not perfect, in order to facilitate public parking, at 7:00 on the next day, it is not affecting normal traffic. Penalty.

But they have arranged a violation of the patrols of this section during the day, and the violation of vehicles will be discounted and punished. Fuyang City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that the construction unit has been required to install this paragraph, and require the traffic safety facilities as soon as possible to ensure the order of traffic safety.

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