Sichuan Dragonfly: Zi Chuanhua opened happiness

  It has been reached in the season of the aponia harvest.In September, the Sichuan Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, and the pneumonia is open.

Macchal Macqua, Magutal, Magi, and the county, and in recent years, it has been successfully povered through the poverty of medicine.

Now, Machir’s family has trusted a new house and has lived a good day.He said, now I want to have a good aponique for three children.

  It is understood that under the guidance of the National Industrial and Commercial Federation "Wan Enterprise Help Wan Village" actionOn September 20th, the good doctor’s pharmaceutical came to the fire lamp village to acquire the aponics, and Machir became the revenue champion of 39,577 yuan.

  Shooting / late: Wu Xiao.