The 7th Haishi International Tourism Festival started in Fuzhou

Double Line Establishment of the World Travel Festival This Haishi International Tourism Festival continues to launch four subject activities in the form of "online + offline" double-line festival, showing a rich cultural feast for the guests at home and abroad, set up Tourism Humanities Exchange and Tourism Cooperation Platform with International Radiation Force. On the morning of November 23, the Haishi International Tourism Festival launched ceremony and the Wenxue Cooperation Summit held in the Fuzhou Strait Exhibition Center. At home and abroad will pass the "cloud".

The Wenhua Cooperation Summit will hold a round table summit and multi-game forum in the theme of "Collaboration Mechanism along the Returning Wire". Since November 23, "Haishi Wonderful Night" Went Travel Experience Activities will be held in Fuzhou Shangri-Hangzhou History and Cultural Street for three consecutive days. "Haishi Wonderful Night" will gather in non-legacy culture, folk customs, drama acrobatics, modern songs and dance, light and shadow art, tourism performance, city night tour, scene creation, etc. Artist performance, Wen travel market and building light show, etc., to create an audiovisual feast of the ancient rhyme and international city charm. "Love Tourism Love Life" 2021 Fujian Tourism Trade Fair Synchronously kicked off in the Channel Exhibition Center on November 23.

The exhibition will hold a tourism theme fair, tourism product creative design competition, online live broadcast promotion, etc., further extend the tourism industry chain to expand the development of tourism related industries.

From November 24th to December 15th, Fuzhou will also support the 12th Spa International Tourism Festival, and Yongtai is the main venue, and the 20 hot spring scenic spots in the surrounding counties will continue to carry out Huimin activities, further start "hot spring." "Brand. Highlights the characteristic highlights have been a comprehensive large international tourism festival with the theme of "Maritime Silk Road". The key international tourism festival highlights "International Characteristics, Haishi Characteristics, Text Travel", and the highlight activities are exciting.

Carry out international dialogue and seek a better future. This Sea International Tourism Festival invited the national envoys of Russia, Thailand, Benin, Sri Lanka, and guests from international tourism institutions, and the future. A total of Jianhai Wire is promoted to promote the prosperity. Around the Humanities Communication Between Sea Silk Road, the Tourism Festival will host multi-field Haishi theme activities. "Haishi Wonderful Night" will bring an immersive performance, Haishi Teet Tourism City; Summit Forum, the round table invites the person in charge of the national and regional tourism sectors, and the Sea Western Tourism Alliance will attend, further expand Fuzhou. international influence.

Create a cultural brand, highlight the rhyme of the. Hot Spring Scenic Area, Shangxi Hang History and Cultural Street District, Non-Predic Arts, etc. In addition, launch a series of Huizhen Travel Products, with the creation of the festival, to create a cultural brand, let more people, tourists share this Huimin feast. To promote the whole country, we will welcome the eight sectors and show "International Fan".

The annual Haishi International Tourism Festival has become a high-quality stage of Fuzhou foreign promotion, greatly promoting the high-quality development of Fuzhou Wenbao Industry, providing strong power for Fuzhou accelerated construction modernization international cities. Flow in the whole domain in the whole domain. In recent years, Fuzhou has been an opportunity to create a national national tourism demonstration zone, launching the "nine batch" comprehensive improvement and high school tourism scenic spots upgraded three-year action plan, and strive to create a group of high A-level tourist scenic spots to drive the tourism project. Fuzhou tourism brand construction, a batch of projects are being budged, flowering results.

At the same time, in line with the launch of a batch of textbooks, pull the exchange of civil travel.

Adhere to the essence of "3820" strategic engineering ideology, Fuzhou vigorously explore the seaside city, landscape city endowment, develop fresh ecological tour and coastal holiday. Today’s Fuzhou, rural tourism, industrial tourism, red tourism, research tourism, inland river tour, Minjiang tour, ancient tour, Wenbo travel, etc. Data Source: The Communist Party of China, Fuzhou Municipal Committee.