Shaoxing Keqiao’s key task in the grassroots party building is revitalized

Original title: It is better to do a good thing than a "resident instructor" sublimation project, how to carry out the overall Zhizhi Demonstration project of the grassroots, and the grassroots party members and cadres have a brightest point … Recently, Shaoxing Keqiao District held a grassroots party building " Leading Competition "Key Task Competition Biochang and the New Party Construction" Founding First Three-Year Action "Promotion Association In order to advance the high-quality focus of this year, the key task of the grassroots party construction, accelerating the "three-year action of the two party buildings", " Actively explore the grassroots party building "group competition" competition to stimulate the new kinetic energy of the rural resolution.

  In the game, the townships focus on the list of the "common + personality" work tasks, the central inspection of the two new party building issues and the five-star double strong creation, etc., in the form of on-site supervision Let each town street fully demonstrate the highlight of the grassroots party building, reflecting the grassroots party organizations and party members, compassionate, and struggling to fight.

  The various town streets combine the "small incision" to solve the "big problem", and create a series of pragmatic factories in the concrete practice, and the resulting results of the grassroots party building innovation case, so that the entire match is brighter.

Such as Keyi Street actively explores the city’s party construction sharing alliance, let the grassroots party organizations and party members "gather", put the grassroots governance short board "make up", put the community project accurately "live", and explore the "party building + building" Create the building of the building, develop the building "double warning" cloud platform, create a "digital building" system building the building party building map, double-covering warning and organizational life warning as the core; Lizhu Town is created as an opportunity for rural villages Deepen the integration of farm travel, promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside. The person in charge of each town street said that there is more beneficial to learn from this comparison and learning.

  "Next, we will continue to deepen the match, and promote the role of the grassroots party building, especially the key tasks of the grassroots party building, the key tasks and digital reforms, and major projects, high quality advancement. Organic combination, coordinating thinking, integrating, and striving to achieve a full range of grassroots party construction work, highlights. "The relevant person in charge of the Keqiao District Committee Organization Department said. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).