Second-hand market is good (said Taiwan)

  With the enhancement of environmental awareness in the island, many people have practiced the recycling of waste items in the life details, thereby giving birth to active second-hand markets. Small to clothing books, big to furniture cars, have special sellers and buyers. Recycling, refurbishment, rehabilitation, forming a fixed industrial chain, "Taobao" can also unfold love, energy saving and environmental protection. Waste furniture refurbished auctions in Taipei lake regeneration furniture display field, sofa, wardrobe, table and chair, bicycle, etc. Repairing a new one, the appearance is almost no different from the new product.

Each furniture is labeled, and the number and base price are written separately for the people.

  A auction will come down, many furniture is labeled as "sold" label, and shoot the people of the heart to make a brow. In this lively scene, Taipei has continued for more than ten years. In 2002, the Taipei Environmental Protection Agency in order to guide the people to develop the habit of recycling of waste, and then launched the activities of the old furniture after rehabilitation in the island. Due to the enthusiasm of the response, in 2003, the regenerative furniture auction business was opened, and large garbage such as waste furniture was taken "free recycling, repair regeneration, low-cost trafficking" mode processing. At present, Taipei has two renewable furniture markets in Northern Lake and Wanhua, and launched the "Exctends" in the fixed time and launched "special sale" in the summer and end of the year. "Regeneration furniture auction is advocating the results of saving and protecting the environment.

Old furniture from the people’s donation

This is not just the protection of the ecological environment, saving resources, and promoting the role of environmental protection concepts in the whole society. "Cui Haizhi, CHEM C. CHEBEL, NEW, said. Cui Haizhi said that in addition to carrying out regenerative furniture auction for more than 10 years, Taipei City has sold more than a total of more than 10,000 yuan (new Taiwan coins, the same), This money is mainly used for the promotion of resource recycling, the promotion of garbage classification, the reward of the cleaner recovery. The second-hand book transaction is very hot in recent years. The second-hand market in Taiwan has also been very comfortable. The most main reason is Taiwan new book release. Big, eliminated speed, so the second-hand book market is active.

There are both traditional entity bookstores in the second-hand book, and there is also a new online bookstore.

  The famous jasmine second-hand bookstore in the island is one of the most loved ones in Taipei.

Most of the time, the store is tide intensive, and you are coming to me, you are endless. In the store, most of the books are the second or three folds of the new book, and if you buy 500 yuan, you can also discount it, affordable.

Although the book is used, it is very good after the store is carefully handled, and most of the most, the texture is very good, and some are also packed in a transparent film.

Environmental protection is cheap, the temptation is really not small.

  And a network bookstore such as TAAZE reading life is another road.

Second-hand book sellers use mobile phone software to scan barcodes, quickly raise books, customize the price, and then send the book to the TAAZE read book.

Subsequent vendors, book conditions, sending, sending, etc.

  Since 2010, the TAAZE reading book has been recycled to more than 1 million second-hand books, and 76 million books were sold.

He has been closely related to environmental awareness. As the people in the island have improved the acceptance of second-hand items, they also agree with the second-hand book trading, extended the life of books. Mobile phone vehicles have been replaced by new apple mobile phone new products, and Taiwan queues buy new machines, there are many "fruit powder" "" to replace ".

Their consumption habits are old, and new mobile phones are replaced. It is the active second-hand market that supports this consumption.

  On the "Yahoo Auction" in Taiwan’s famous second-hand buying and selling websites, there are a large number of second-hand item transactions every day, and the electronic product is the big head.

Before the Apple new machine is released, the previous generation of products will be intensively sell on this website.

Consumables such as cars are also common customers in Taiwan’s second-hand markets. Although it is "waste utilization", many things are actually very new.

The second-hand mobile phone like "Yahoo Auction", "90% new" "80% new" is everywhere.

The owner, the owner has purchased into a car, mobile phone, and it will be extremely focused on conservation. The purpose is to have a good price for a day to sell it.

  Su Zhixiong Su Zhixiong, the director of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Market Market Market, said that the second-hand market is selling, and it is a good thing for economic and environmental protection, because "things have the value of it,". (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.