[One hundred] instant Hundred Years 1962, very unusual time approaches

  1962 Nian January 11 to February 7, the CPC Central Committee held an enlarged central work conference in Beijing.

It was attended by central and provincial, prefectural and county levels as well as the main person in charge of important factories and mines and military cadres responsible for a total of 7118 people, often referred to seven thousand people. Unprecedented seven thousand people, in a year after adjustment, the tide turned, but the difficulty is still very great, and outside the party as well as many of the ideas held in the case of doubts. Purpose of the meeting is to further lessons learned "Great Leap Forward" since, common understanding, enhance solidarity and mobilize the whole Party and more resolute in carrying out adjustment policy, the struggle to overcome the difficulties. Mao Zedong (second from right), Liu Shaoqi (third from right), Zhou Enlai (second from left), Chu (left), Chen Yun (third from left), Deng Xiaoping (right) in "seven thousand people" on. Xinhua News Agency picture previous stage of the General Assembly is to discuss and amend the draft report written on behalf of the Central Committee of Liu Shaoqi. The draft, proposed by Mao Zedong without Politburo discussion, issued directly to the Assembly, to seek amendments. After participants discussed, finalized the formation of "Report on the expansion of the Central Work Conference," as an official document of the General Assembly. The report includes three issues: First, the current situation and tasks; second, to strengthen democratic centralism, strengthen centralized; third, the party’s problems.

  Since in "The Present Situation and Tasks", the report systematically summarizes the founding of "the face of our nation, in every respect has undergone tremendous change," the basis of 12 aspects of achievement, especially since 1958, made on otherwise indicated the "major shortcomings and errors in the work of the past few years," including industrial and agricultural production plan targets too high, the requirements of the development of the cause of building too fast, a serious imbalance in the proportion of the national economy, state-owned and collective confusion both in the countryside ownership boundaries, eager to transition, scraping the "communist wind" and so on decentralization grow serious. "Strengthening democratic centralism, strengthen the centralized and unified" problem, the report notes, "must see, in recent years, in our party’s life and national life, democratic centralism has been considerably weakened, and in some places even by the brutal destruction.

"Report focused on" strengthening of centralized, decentralized oppose doctrine "to start. The report notes that in relation aspects of centralization and decentralization, the need to strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the central relationship of the play with the enthusiasm of local, because with local when the local conditions of relations, relations with the hierarchical management of the following questions clearly deal with regard to "the party’s problems," the report mainly talked about the style of seeking truth from facts, the mass line and several issues of party life. "experience tells us that, according to false report, false figures to formulate policies, preparation of plans, will inevitably make mistakes, is bound to the party, the people and the country caused great damage.

"Mao Zedong" speech on seven thousand people. "

Serious difficulties after the Xinhua News Agency picture seven thousand people, in Liu Shaoqi and Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun and Deng Xiaoping, the direct leadership of the CPC Central Committee have been held in February and May West Wing meeting, the meeting in May, and face further analysis of the national economy situation.

Liu Shaoqi pointed out: now in the recovery period, with the very nature of time, can not be the usual way, to use the very approach to economic adjustment measures carried through. Chen Yun served as head of the Central Financial Group re-established, the proposition put forward to overcome the difficulties.

Zhou Enlai and Chen Yun’s views will be summarized as a couplet: the Alliance is "to grab food and clothing," the second line is "to achieve agricultural severity," Streamer is "comprehensive and balanced."

  After seven thousand people, the main measures taken to adjust the national economy are: to streamline staff and reduce the urban population; scale compression infrastructure, cease postponed a large number of infrastructure projects; to shorten the industrial front, the implementation of the necessary off, stop, and , turn; to strengthen and support the agricultural front from all aspects of the human material and financial resources to strengthen rural grassroots leadership. In the adjustment of agricultural policy, some places had various forms, including the household responsibility system in agricultural production, including the responsibility to try to achieve better results. After nearly two years of adjustment before and after the seven thousand people, from the summer of 1963, the construction work showed significant and healthy development momentum.

By the end of 1965, the adjustment of the national economy task completed. Total plan: Zhou Hongjun supervision system: Zhu Yonglei An Zaixiang planning: 子 王 文文: Wang Ying Design: Fan Shanshan Reference: "The History of the Communist Party of China" "Centennial Party History in the literature" "Chinese Communist Party History" Image Source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhuanet News Center produced [Click on the following picture to enter more previous review].