Yuan Coyong concept stock collectively broke out, the Internet giant struggle

  Yuan Yixiang concept stock collectively broke out, the Internet giant is in the "property", the Yuan Universe is staring at the "Conference" since the "Yuan Cosmic" concept, the heat continues to be high.The Red Star Capital Bureau noted that the A shares on December 13, the daily residue is almost a mannequin.

As of the closing, the plate has 4 stocks 20cm daily limit, 6 stocks 10cm daily limit, and the beautiful culture () is a continuous 4 rising limit.On the news, Baidu (;) announced that it will be released on December 27th "Hiya"; on the other hand, "The Fried House" enters the Yuan universe, there is a business, the industry is 32 million yuan to buy a virtualland.On December 9, the People’s Daily issued a comment on the Yuancosian model "hot until the risk of hot injury" pointed out that it is a speculation or investment, it is a bubble or a wind, it is a trend, still need to make a big question mark.

  Under the hustle and bustle, today, the remote conference is stared at the Yuan Coso practitioner and has analyzed that this is the fastest way to land. Many Yuan Universe Conceptual stocks "20cm" strong limit on December 13th, the concept of Yuan Yei continued to rise, and the relevant stocks set off a rise and stop.

Snowball data shows that the city’s cosmic plate has trillion.

  As of the closing, Hengxin Oriental (), Changcheng Communication (), Feng Shang culture (), Oya design () 20CM strong daily limit; beautiful culture, Tianxia show (), style DD, Roman shares (), etc. Only stocks 10cm daily limit; blue cursor (), Wanxing Technology () increased by 14%.

The aesthetic culture is more than four rising limit. What is worth paying attention is that although the beautiful cultural release last weekend is released, the enthusiasm of the market is still not reduced, and there are still more than 220,000 hand to seal the daily limit.

According to the Musheng Culture on the evening of December 10, the company occupied huge amount of money due to the controlling shareholder Masheng Holding Group Co., Ltd., and the major shareholders were disclosed in advance. They were warned by the deputy, and the company may be "ST". A private equity speaker said that the reporter said that the market performance, the concept of Yuancai is close to crazy, investors need to guard against the style switch after overheating, resulting in chase. On December 9th, the people’s daily reports have issued a comment "hot to the risks of hot injury" pointed out that it is a speculation or investment, it is a bubble or a wind, it is speculation or trend, still need to make a big question mark "You may wish to calm twice, beware of the risk of heat to the burns." Internet giants have entered the Yuan Cosmian video conference began to fall into the universe concept stocks and stems from the recent poor good news. On December 10, Baidu announced that it will release the "Hiya" of the Yuancosted product from December 27, built a multiplayer interactive space across virtual and renewed, permanent renewed. By, Baidu Create2021 (Baidu Ai Developer General Assembly) will be held in "Soil". This is the first meeting held in the Yuancosian in China, which can accommodate 100,000 people interact with the same screen. On December 6, the media reported that the B station (ie, 即,;) "High Energy Chain" is being tested in the interpretation of the universe, and has been online block browser tools, and the chain information can be queried.

It is reported that there are three application scenarios of the B-station high-speed chain, namely "digital collection" (ie NFT) "digital identity" "Digital World".

  On December 9, Facebook (now renamed Meta) announced that the company’s VR World "Horizonworlds" officially opened to the United States and Canada’s 18 years old. From now on, the user will no longer need to be invited to enter the Horizonworlds test version. Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates said in the recent year-end letter, in the next two or three years, the virtual conference will turn from the two-dimensional image to the Yuan universe.

He said that the rise of the Yuan Coso will greatly change the future work. Previously, Meta and Microsoft reached a series of actions in a virtual office scene.

According to the brokerage, by 2025, Yuan Universe in the field of social, games, short video, mobile office, total domestic market space approximately 3400 billion yuan, and will bring broad growth space to the whole society by 2030.

  According to the brokerage, by 2025, Yuan Universe in the field of social, games, short video, mobile office, with a total domestic market space of approximately $ 340 billion to 640 billion yuan, and it will bring broad growth space to the whole society by 2030.

  Why is a remote conference? Increasing productivity is the most needed scene new crown epidemic in the global spread, making the remote conference market ushered in big outbreaks, also born new technology like Zoom. But even if it is now, there is still a gap between the effects of the remote conference, the most obvious thing is that the remote conference is in the field, and the immersion sensation is a lot.

  In this way, it will greatly reduce the experience of participants, which affects the overall effects of the meeting, and even business innovation.

  Microsoft MicrosoftTeams General Manager Nicoleherskowitz also talked about the interview with foreign media THEVERGE: "We often feel fatigue in the remote conference." Some people think that in the context of the rise of Yuancai, the virtual reality and the remote conference have natural one. Combine points.

For example, use your own "avatar" (that is, the currently popular digital people) speaks, and can also transfer information with physical language and micro-end.

Similarly, in a report published by the MATE Institute, it also pointed out that the use of avatar is more closely to human communication under the natural situation.

  He Lizhong, the first securities electronics industry, Han Yang believes that although the players under the Yuancai game is huge, from the perspective of macro development, the improvement of the game experience is not a top priority, and the video conference to improve productivity is the current scene of the best in the city. .

  We can imagine that when we participate in a remote conference, everyone uses virtual roles that meet their own image, sitting on the table in the virtual meeting room. Compared to ZOOM’s standard network conferencing model in one video lattice, "Yuan Universe" is clearly creative and more communicative. Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Yu Yao Tao Yuyang Comprehensive News.