The civil society in Lu Ren will mobilize social organizations to participate in the East and West

  People’s Network Chongqing November 11th, in recent years, the civil affairs department of Chongqing, Shandong Province, around the people’s livelihood, giving full play to the professional sectors of social organizations, building information resource interaction platforms, carrying out social donations, providing care for special difficult groups, Actively promote the comprehensive revitalization of counties in the collaborative district. Launching the "Industry Association Tuning to Help" Focus Agriculture Industry and other fields It is understood that the civil society organized by the two places to organize 40 provincial and municipal industry social organizations in Shandong and Chongqing, carry out the support of the Lunyi Economic Industry Association, focus on agricultural industry development , Focusing on consumption help, focusing exchange, focusing association, self-management, etc., carry out a joint construction and achieve a win-win situation. Among them, the Chongqing Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association, the Wanzhou District Chinese Herbal Industry Association signed two strategic cooperation agreements with the Shandong Chinese Medicine Industry Association, clarifying the specific cooperation model of the two parties to serve the development of the Chinese medicine industry, and founded Shizhu County, Wanzhou. District, Yunyang County, Wuxi County Chinese herbal medicine planting base, identified the first batch of medicinal materials to purchase thousands of kilograms of Chongqing, total value nearly 5 million yuan.

Chongqing Laoxin Association cooperates with Shandong Provincial Old-character Enterprise Association to organize Chongqing old brand brands and products to participate in the 5th China Old Fashion (Shandong) Expo. Shandong Chili Association and Chongqing Dried Chili Sales Association in selling Shandong peppers and supplies cooperation in Chongqing hot pot markets. Carrying out the "Charity Organization Precision Help" to the Chongqing donated payment of 4.24 million yuan in the policy, Shandong Civil Affairs Bureau issued the "Notice on In-depth Promotion of the Cooperation of Chongqing, Gansu" (Lu Minxin [2021] No. 34), Making Shandong civil affairs systems and social organizations, charitable organizations participate in the cooperation between the East and West.

The Civil Affairs Bureau of Chongqing City issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Organization of Lubu Society" (Yumin [2021] No. 114), the district and county civil affairs Bureau of the collaboration task actively and the civil affairs department of the opposition collaboration, through the Shandong Investigate the docking work or invite Shandong civil affairs departments to visit the students to study, improve the mutual visit mechanism, the civil affairs department of Shandong Province, and propose targeted demand.

  At present, there are 11 charitable organizations in Shandong to donate 4.24 million yuan to Chongqing.

Dezhou Charity Federation donated 600,000 yuan, used to fund Xiushan County difficult family college students to carry out rural social work service plans.

Dezhou Wusheng County and Yucheng Charity Federation donated 800,000 yuan, used in the development of industrial development, infrastructure projects for Xixi Township and Zhong Ling Town, Xiushan County, and the construction of Chinese herbal herbal medicine industry development projects.

Weihai Rongcheng Charity Federation donated 1.2 million yuan, used in Yunyang County Social Welfare Projects and knots to help Town Village. Linyi City Charity Federation, Lanling Charity Federation donated 200,000 yuan and worth 600,000 yuan for materials, used in Chengkou County medical and health help, poor students to help and relieve the help.

Zaozhuang City Charity Federation donated 100,000 yuan, used in Fengdu County Sanjie Township to deprotection and resolve and rural revitalization development effective cohesive social work projects. Yantai City, Taian City and Rizhao Charity Association donated 500,000 yuan for Wushan, Wuxi and Qijiang collaborative help. It is worth mentioning that after this year, there was a disaster in the flood season in Chengkou County and Shizhu County. The Linyi City Charity Federation issued a "proposal to raise the need for disaster relief materials in Chengkou County, Chongqing", raised a value of 2.1 million yuan. Disaster relief materials is used to help Chengkou County’s affected people have passed through difficulties.

After the rainstorm floods occurred in many towns and towns in Shizhu County, Zibo City Charity will actively raise 100,000 yuan of relief funds and the value of 140,000 yuan. The "Social Worker Collaboration" mobilize social workers to help rural resolution, the Chongqing civil affairs department has introduced "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Supporting Lu Yong Social Organization in 2021" (民 办 [2021] 129), Gathering social workers, helps rural residence, mobilizing 9 rusdom social workers, in 4 countries such as Fuyang, Chengkou, Wuxi and Pengshi, etc. Special groups such as poor families, elderly, disabled, difficult children, carry out jobs in employment, living rescue, pension, life care, spiritual comfort and other aspects. At present, the project is being implemented, and more than 3,000 people are expected to benefit.

  Among them, Yantai Microfquin Youth Service Center (5A-level social organization) implemented "Lu Yunqing-Xiangyang Rural Social Workers Support Project" in Huadian Township, Shuyang County, 220 direct services, 876 service people, received The hometowns, village cadres, and service objects. Specifically, the project conducts training for local social organizations to promote service capabilities to community social organizations, and enhance the service capabilities of community social organizations.

Through hatching, cultivate community social organizations, excavate community backbone, and carry out localized talents.

At the same time, the community public welfare venture capital contest, design volunteer service projects, mobilize community social organizations to provide refined services for community residents, enhance the ability of community social organization backbone operation services, enhance the sustainability of the project, in addition to Direct service is carried out for dilemma and dilemma.

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