Pengyang County: More than 2,200 party members adhere to the epidemic prevention and control

The epidemic prevention and control first-line settles of party pioneers.

The Pengyang County Committee Propaganda Department is a Pengyang County Party Committee, the Government mainly leads to the first-line supervision command, 11 epidemic prevention and control work groups and 2 jobs, and the normalization of supervision and guidance. The members of the township party committees were grabbed, and the implementation of prevention and control responsibility was fully promoted.

The party organizations of each village (community) are responsible, give full play to the role of mesh long, netger, and joint accounts, carry out "carpet" investigation on key personnel, and master the dynamics in real time, do not leak one household, do not leak one person . The whole staff of the team, participated in the community to build a total of construction, "a one-on-one" package to catch township epidemic prevention and control work, contributing to the abortion prevention and control.

Pay attention to the identification cadres in the epidemic prevention and control first line, take the first-line development of the prostitute, performance archives, comprehensive analysis of the performance, etc. .

Strengthen discipline supervision and inspection, urge party members and cadres to earnestly perform their duties, strictly implement the "three inspections and one wear" and other measures, take the lead in wear masks, wash hands, less aggregation. Pay attention to the selection of trees, make full use of platforms such as newspapers, WeChat public accounts, promote advanced models that emerge in epidemic prevention and control work, motivate party members and cadres to practice initial, loyal to their duties, hard work, selfless dedication.

Strengthen the care of the epidemic prevention and control of the first-line personnel, 2 times a total of 10,000 yuan party fees, used to condolence the medical workers and grassroots party members and cadres in the first line of the epidemic prevention and control; support the grassroots party organization to carry out epidemic prevention and control work To purchase epidemic prevention and control related drugs, materials, etc .; subsidies to party members, masses, people, etc. of life due to new crown pneumonia, and send party organizations and warmth to prevention and control front line.

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