Party flag leads volunteering red multi-grinding epidemic

The street is mapped in the volunteer work epidemic prevention investigation. People’s Network Changsha on October 26th, on the evening of October 24, the street once again held an epidemic prevention and control work dispatching meeting, and the "Qing Dynasty sweeping building" action was deployed again, and did not let one person, do not miss one person.

9 villages (communities), various departments, and 59 parties, and the members of the Party branch, the "Sweeping Group" "Sweeping Group" "Sweeping Group" "Sweeping Group" "Sweeping Group" Rural households, store merchants, corporate parks, property communities, resettlement communities, and regional investigations in enterprises, construction sites, real estate platforms, logistics places, marketing markets, etc. Information, epidemic vaccination, nucleic acid detection, health code, trip code, etc. are detailed.

In the entry, the grid party branch and the volunteers actively inquire about the results of nucleic acid detection of the residents, publicize the new crown vaccine to strengthen the needle, and the residents of the yellow code are patient and register, inform it, informative nucleic acid detection sampling point. The superior epidemic prevention requirements are notified to each household, and the epidemic prevalence sheet is issued by signing an epidemic prevention, allowing the masses of the jurisdiction to participate, actively cooperate into an epidemic prevention work. In response to various types of mahjong, chess room, theater, KTV, Internet cafes, indoor fitness venues, indoor children’s play projects, etc. Implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as masks, measure temperate, check double code, and kill.

With the development of the "Qing Dynasty" work, the residents of the yellow code have taken the initiative to queue the nucleic acid monitoring sampling point.

It is reported that the "Qing Dynasty sweeping building" action focused on October 25th, on the 26th, achieving full coverage, sweeping the blind spot leakage point, and effectively publicized the prevention of epidemic prevention work, the overtection work measures supervision and implementation, go all out to win Epidemic prevention attack.

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