Zhou Enlai causes the book of the brotherhood.

  Weekly Give: Don’t be only in March, and there is still three thousand miles away, what you want!After going abroad, I have sent a piece on the way, I want to be inview … Brother letter, in mid-this month, I have been in Ying Ying.

Come to the focus of the book, read the number, the trend of the tide, and I can’t talk to my brother, and I will pregnant. The more surprising, the pen is more slow, the newspaper, even until today, have to "looking through the autumn water" evil? … The thoughts of your brother, not in today’s day, and both European hunting academic, first in the abetlaneous state, don’t dare to have a self-discipline, and have a column.

The main purpose, only in the practice of seeking self-reliance, the cuisine examination is to learn about the truth of the Bibang society and solve the people, and the application is applied to our people’s people; if they are certain, but today Creditors also.

Let’s call me, the wishes of the gums, but the arrogance and steady, it is also difficult.

The steady pole is conservative; the extreme, it is riot.

The world is also a conservative success, such as the UK today; there is also a riotic success, such as the Soviet Russia today. The success of the British, in the conservative, the whole step, does not change the reform, and the reform of the Russia, the success of the Russia, in the means of riot, "Thunder,", and the effectiveness of the old disadvantage.

If you are in my country, it is deeply deep, like the revolutionary Russian revolution, it is not easy to collect the effect of reform; however, the neighboring ring is subject to the system, and the riots are especially true, then the steadyness is strong.

At this two, take the Russian to go, the brother is not seen, but thinks with each of the extremes, Mo Ruo, is to the guides. When the implementation, the force is forces, and the brother will finally be brave. With the numbness of today’s society, "horror", although it is easy to fail, it will be able to seek vibration. …… "The food and clothing are not enough, the date is full, that is, the head is screaming, what is the actual situation?" Brother thought that the food and food were the reform of the society, it is true. However, the "clothing and food is not composed", must "call it up"; clothing and food, fear, not necessarily, "clothing and food does not apply" the bitterness. And the "food and clothing does not apply", the society will make it arrogant to the death of the death. It is not a hungry ear, and it is a hungry ear. It is an uneven social organization that cannot be clamped.

The problem of Europe and the United States daily, the problem of bread, the ears of the bread, the ears of the class, Russia and the revolution, De and the revolution, the English, the law, the meaning, the beauty is also political, the political is uneasy. The phenomenon.

It is the so-called scream of the brother, and it will not be called. I hope that the brother is thinking about it, as a result of the outcome of the phenomenon, it is like it. …… The bodies are very good, I hope to rest assured! How is the close shape, the time looks for the letter! Hurry to report this, and praise! Brother, in 1921. One, three, this is Zhou Enlai to go to Europe for three months after three months, and talk about the experience of studying in Europe, reflecting China’s only "effect" revolutionary " In order to win the ideological understanding of victory.

On November 7, 1920, Zhou Enlai went to Europe to study in Europe and explored the truth of saving the country. In this letter, he introduced the experience and ideological understanding of travel in Europe. In these months, Zhou Enlai is "unclear", but after the study and investigation of the Europe, China has initially established China only to go to the Russian revolutionary road to get rid of the ideological understanding. In the next year, he is going forward on the road to study and believe in the revolutionary thinking.

In the end, "the principle of communication communism" is proposed, and communist beliefs are selected, and their life is pursued. It can be said that this is Zhou Enlai to "the earliest initiative" of the revolutionary road.

  This letter puts forward a series of important awareness, which is the beginning of the thought of Zhou Enlai believes in communism.

First, why do you want to go to Europe? He said that he went to the European "principal desire, only in seeking realism, seeking self-satisfaction, custody, to understand the truth of the Bibang society and solving the people, and thinking so that it is applied to our people." It is actually to explore the solution to solve social problems, explore and seek knowledge, and establish beliefs.

Second, where is China’s out? During the European period, Zhou Enlai took a variety of ways to read the exhibition, involved in various ways to say trend, with prudentiality attitude "to be a comparison of allism".

After learning and thinking, after comparing the development path of English, law, morality, meaning, beauty, and Russia, Zhou Enlai, "If in my country, apart from the deep, like the revolutionary Russian revolution," Not easy to collect the effectiveness of reform. " In the next year, Zhou Enlai continued to step forward in thought beliefs, and finally chose communism as a belief in their own life.

He said, "We are trusting the principles of communism and the two principles of the class revolution and the two major customs of the proletariat". "I recognize the mismatics must not change, and very resolutely propagandally." Third, how to overcome difficulties to study. He knows that two major unfavorable factors that hinder themselves, one is the language, the second is funds.

For language off, he believes that it is nothing more than two: see you read more, and talk more. For funding problems, in view of the high cost of living in London, he had to turn to the university in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, the lowest level of Scotland.

Later, in view of the fact that Edinburgh’s consumption is much higher than the French, in order to save funds, in order to better carry out the study, exchange idea, he went to China to study more France, where they were worked. It is the ideological choice, revolution practice and Keqin, which make Zhou Enla gradually gradually became a professional revolutionary of communism. The letter is a carrier that emotions true.

Reading this letter, the most important gain is to understand the Hand of Zhou Enlai, grasp the starting point of the intention of communism, walk on the revolutionary road, and explore and experience the initial heart of the Communist Party of China.

For the pursuit of faith, once a choice is made, we must pursue a lifetime.