This week, 7 new stocks apply "futures, one brother", Yongan futures issued approximately 146 billion shares

  According to the issuance arrangement, there will be 7 new shares issued this week (November 15th to November 19), which is Hai Li Feng Electric, Yun Road Shares, Hua Plastic Shares, Jinzhong Shares, Yongan Futures, Three Sheeps and Horses, Torch Core Technology. Among them, there are 2 main boards in Shanghai, 2 Kuchong Boards, 1 panel of deep city, 2 of the GEM.

These 7 new shares have a total of accounting of about 100 million shares, and the amount of funds is expected to pay 100 million yuan.

  Among them, "Futures Day Brother" Yongan futures expect issues November 17, the prospectus of this issued company proposed to publicly issued a number of new shares, accounting for 10% of the total share capital after the issuance; all the shares of this issue For the public offering shares, it does not involve the company’s shareholders’ public offering shares, and the total share capital of the issuance is about 100 million shares. This means that after Nanhua futures, Ruida futures, the third listing futures company is about to be settled. This week’s new stock purchase information: Hai Li Feng Power: The company’s main business is the R & D, production and sales of wind power equipment components. The main products include wind power towers, pile foundations, and catheter. According to the prospectus, the company has established cooperative relationships with one of the leading wind power equipment parts production enterprises. Yun Road Shares: The company’s main business is the design, development, production and sales of advanced magnetic metal materials. The main products are amorphous, nanocrystalline alloys, magnetic powder three major materials and products series. According to the prospectus, the company is a minority of the domestic magnetic material industry. Enterprises with material components design and evaluation, extreme process equipment achievement, product application development capabilities, currently mastered non-crystal alloy tape technology results by China Electrical Industry Association Identification The "International Advanced" level is reached, and the nano-ultrasound technology results have reached the "International Leading" level by China Metal Society.

  Huang Plastic Shares: The company is engaged in the production and sales of chlorine-alkali chemical products as the core of PVC and CNA, the main products include PVC, cecurnitaxine, gray rock, electric gravel cement, lime, etc.

In the first half of 2018 to 2021, Hua Plastic Shares achieved revenue billion yuan, billion yuan, billion yuan and billion yuan, the net profit of the same period is 100 million yuan, billion, billion yuan and billion yuan. It is worth noting that the development of the town of the city listed this week also engages in chlorine-alkali chemical products.

  Jinzhong Shares: The company is mainly engaged in automotive interior and external design, development, production and sales, main products include car wheel decorative parts (wheel decoration cover, wheel insert), car logo decorative parts (car standard, car sign, steering wheel standard) And car body decorative parts (decorative strips, body decorative parts, grill, etc.).

The company’s major customers include European FCA, modern Kia, FAW Volkswagen, SAIC, Changan Ford, Changan Mazda, BYD, Tesla, etc. Yongan Futures: The company is one of the largest, large-scale business, the most popular futures company in domestic peers, the company’s main business is: Commodity futures brokerage, financial futures brokerage, futures investment consultation, asset management, fund sales .

It is expected to achieve net profit billion yuan in 2021, grew up from last year.

  Sanshi: The company is a third-party logistics company, mainly providing comprehensive services for the automotive industry and other non-automotive industries such as the automotive industry through the public rail transportation. The brands of the company’s services include Changan Auto, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Xiaokang, SAIC. General Wuling, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan, BYD, Great Wall, Guangqi Honda, Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, etc.

  Torco Technology: The company is a low-power system-level chip design manufacturer. The main business is the development, design and sales of medium and high-end intelligent audio SOC chips, mainly providing professional integration in smart Internet of smart Internet of wireless audio, intelligent wear and intelligent interaction. chip.

In the first half of 2018 to 2021, the company recorded billion yuan, billion, billion yuan and billion yuan, and the net profit of the same period was 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.