Qinghai: Promote "two students" to learn to learn and educate the normalization of the school

Original title: Qinghai: Promote "two students" to promote the "two studies and one" learning and educational normalization institutionalization, the central promotion "Two Learning One" Learning Education Normalization Institutionalization Work Symposium, Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Pay attention to, convey the study in time, and quickly implement it. On April 21, Comrade Wang Guosheng, the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, conveyed the important instructions of the General Secretary of Xi Xi Ping on Promoting the Institutionalization of "Two Learning and One", and conveys the learning Liu Yunshan, Zhao Lexia comrades in the symposium The spirit of the speech, the study deployed the province to promote the "two studies and one to do" learning and educational institutionalization work. In the province’s organizational sectors, the organizational department is mainly responsible for the research, summing up experience, discovery, problems, further clear work ideas, on April 26, Qinghai held the province on April 26 "Two Learning One Do" Learning Education Normalization Institutionalization Work Symposium.

  The meeting stressed that the promotion of "two learning and one" learning education is not the end, but the goal is higher, the requirements are more stringent. It is necessary to focus on the development of the overall situation, improve the political station, and focus on the ideological understanding, then improve; , Focus on the organization leadership and then strengthen and power.

Specifically, the "seven persistence" and promotes the schooling of "two learning and one" learning and educational normalization institutionalization in Qinghai.

  First, insist that "learning" is not shaken, it is really understanding this foundation.

The Party Committee (Party Group) should learn from the theoretical center group to study as the main form. The Party branch should take the "three sessions and one lesson" as the main form, organize party members and cadres to learn the party regulations, learn the series of speech, to continue to learn, in-depth , Follow up to learn to work hard, stick to the letter, learn, learn, and learn the basic ruler of the learning effect. During the current and future, party organizations and majority of party members and cadres at all levels in the province especially necessary to combine the actual "four solid" major requirements, further unify thinking, armed brain, and guide the implementation of "four transformations" to implement landing. Second, insist on "doing" as the key to restart, seize the key to practical realism. Adhere to the integration, knowing the party members, and guide party members in any position, anywhere, and in any situation, remember the identity of party members, actively working, and do "four qualifications". Frequently launched the "one party member and one flag" "Sun achievements, bright commitment, and calculation rate" "Party members directly contact the service masses", and continuously build the practical carrier of party members’ role, always, everywhere, everything shows the pioneer.

At present and in the future, it is necessary to guide the province’s major party members to implement the "four solid" episodes to promote the "four solid" episodes of the province. The third is to persist in "change" is not discounted, and it is known to change this method.

Putting a solution to the problem as a regulatory action, find a solution to the party committee (party group), party branch and party members themselves, and make up the spirit of the spirit, the scale of the behavior, and strengthen the responsibility.

Putting a serious criticism and self-criticism that convened a democratic life meeting and organizational life will strictly stabilize the party members of the democratic appraisal, and often conduct talks such as talks such as talks such as talks and solve the problem.

For the problem of finding, the system is sorted out, list the list, build the account, take the rectification plan, and add great effort with the "staple" spirit. The fourth is to insist on "collar" as a fan, strengthen this traction under the above rate. Firmly seize the "key minority" of the leading cadres, and the education guides the leading cadres to take the initiative to put themselves. Any of the learning requirements of ordinary party members, leading cadres must first do it, and more further, learn a deep layer, take the lead Learn.

No matter what level, what is the leading cadres in the position, we must take the lead to practice "four qualifications", and ask others to do first, ask others to do it first, strict standards.

By the above rate, lead the majority of party members and cadres follow the school, do it, and inspire the overall effects and persistent motivation of upside.

  The fifth is to persist in "often" as it is not relaxed, and twist the support of the branch. Establishing all the party’s efforts to the branch, the ideological and political work falls to the branch, and the party members from strict education management have fallen to the branch. It is necessary to fix the basic content of "two schools" as the "three sessions and one lesson", insist on the "Theme Party", highlight political education and party training, prevent surfaceization, formulation, entertainment, and vulgarization.

Constructing the party branch as the most important basic construction, improve various working systems, implementing measures such as operational funds, event places, remuneration, service mass special funds, and provide the necessary guarantee for the party branch.

  Sixth, insist that "promoting" is invert, focusing on the benchmark.

Promote "two learning and one" learning education, institutionalization, to promote "four transformations", guide party members and cadres to practice "four transformations" with practical actions, and promote "four solid" major Require landing root, blossom results; combined with full advancement of the poverty attack, try to play the party’s political advantage, organize advantages, and grasp the party to promote the poverty, continue to promote the implementation of the poverty attack; The 9th Party’s Construction System Reform Key Tasks and the Key Task Party Construction Key Work Determined by the China Section, and the "three bases" construction and party building in various fields are promoted, and the grassroots party organizations have been fully advanced. Seven is to insist on "responsibility" is not loose, strengthen this guarantee of organizational leaders.

The organization to carry out the "two studies and one" learning education is incorporated into the important content of party building work assessment at all levels. Party committees at all levels (Party Group) should take the initiative to take the subjective responsibility, and specialize in deployment every year. Strengthen the daily supervision and inspect, directly into the party branch, and sum up experience, discover problems, and help improve work.

In response to the characteristics of party organizations in different industries in different levels, contact different party members’ groups, reflecting the work requirements and measures of specificization, precision, differentiation. Vigorously promote the outstanding party members of "two learning and one", pay attention to playing a typical warning role in the opposite side, guiding party members, cadres, seeing the sage, seeing, self-province.

(Reporter Wang Hao) (Editor: Qin Hua, Yan Yan).