Our district broaden the channel of Yuegui Technology Innovation Cooperation

The newspaper Nanning News (Reporter / Li Xinxion) issued "Accelerating the 2021 Key Work Task of the 2021" Test Area of ??the Special Test Area of ??Yuegui Cooperation "; promoting the Nanning Science and Technology Bureau to launch the" Flying Earth Incubator "in Shenzhen – Zhongguancun Shenzhen Collaborative Innovation Center Construction; China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center United Non-China Technical Transfer Center is the Guangdongui training science and technology talent … Reporter learned from the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region on December 2 that our district wanted to broaden Guangdong and Guangdong Science and Technology innovation cooperation and achieved phased outcomes.

In order to higher standards, more efforts to promote the two widely scientific and technological cooperation, in the interface of scientific and technological innovation mechanisms, our district actively dictation "comprehensive investment in Guangdong and Hong Kong Australia Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Agreement" and "Accelerating the Yuegui Cooperative Special Test Area Collaborative Innovation Development Action Plan, and the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department allocated 10 million yuan each year, "Yuegui Science and Technology Cooperation Combined Fund", support two provinces and districts to carry out joint scientific and technological research and scientific research; also promoted the realization of Major Research Infrastructure and Large Scientific Research Instrument sharing, improving the efficiency of scientific research facilities and instruments.

The innovative platform is an important part of the innovation system construction as a strong carrier of self-innovation. Strengthening the construction of Yuegui innovation platform is the key to cooperation. To this end, our district has promoted China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center and South China Technology Transfer Center to set up a sub-center; promote the Shenzhen Institute of Shenzhen and Nanning Municipal Government Co-establishment of Nanning Innovation Center; support the comprehensive utilization of Guangxi and Sun Yat-sen University to build a comprehensive utilization of calcium carbonate resources in Guangxi; promote the Shanghai Advanced Technology Research Institute of Zhangzhou High-tech Zone and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongke Xinhua Medical Technology (Shenzhen Co., Ltd. In terms of scientific and technological innovation projects, in 2019, the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region issued scientific research funds by the Science and Technology Plan Project, supported our district, universities, research institutes and Guangdong related units to jointly develop significant key technical research and key new product development. This year, it is recommended that the Guangxi University is jointly declared in the National Key R & D Plan for State Key R & D Plans for the United Nations University and the University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.