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"Guizhou Li Feng Technology grabs" strong provincial capital "action opportunities, maintenance of the research and development of aviation engine core molds, doing big strong related industries with Guiyang, strengthen the key core link of aerospace industry chain, and helps Guiyang industry high Quality development.

Xie Jin, deputy general manager of Guizhou Li Feng Technology Co., Ltd., plans to enter the preparation stage of the aviation engine zero production base project construction in Xiao Meng Industrial Park, Guiyang, and. "The company has completed registration, but also Since, whether we propose, it is still the need for us, Guiyang has actively asked, providing an efficient and pragmatic service to enterprise registration, which also proves that our original choice is correct. Xie Jin said that the reason why the project landed in Guiyang, on the one hand, the area has a relatively mature aerospace industry chain, the industry’s basic strength is strong, and the industrial support capacity is more complete. This is the company’s project landing; On the other hand, under the implementation of the "Strong Provincial Association" action, as a national open platform, it is necessary to usher in more open space and development opportunities, which in turn promotes the continuous optimization of the business environment. This is also the development of the company. What is required. Guizhou Li Feng Technology’s aviation engine zero production base project is one of the quality projects introduced this year this year. Since this year, the district has been deployed in accordance with the series of provincial and municipal investment, grabbing " "Strong Provincial Association" Action major opportunities, keeping around the "two main one special" industries, continuously enhances the quality of investment work.

The district actively strengthens the industrial chain investment, and the main leaders of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee are personally hang, and the leaders of the leaders are personally promoted. The members of the industrial major investment leadership group are particularly responsible, revolve around the "two main one" industry. Electronic information Six major industrial chains, manufacturing, health medicine, new energy, automobile, construction machinery, aerospace, etc. , Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to carry out more than one hundred times of investment activities. A batch of completion chains, epitaxial, strong chain key projects and key projects have been introduced around the six major industrial chains.

Among them, the hydrogen energy industrial park demonstration project mainly builds fuel cell distribution energy, hydrogen energy data center, hydrogen energy industry park, etc. R & D and production of pipe fittings and production lines, electric wire and cable with energy saving and environmental protection, wire and cable, resistant moisture resistance and high temperature resistance materials, intelligent control type high and low voltage complete sets, power design, etc. Construction of large data in Taiwan R & D upgrade, R & D technology center upgrade and Komantong incubation, supporting hardware product learning factory, etc.

At present, Guiyang is open to the "goal is to guide, industry is life, investment is the key, the project is the soul" work ideas, insisting on highlighting larger in large investment, sprinting the full-year target task, and investing investment As a "lifeline" that realizes the high-quality development of Guiyang Jingkai District, promoting the quality, quantity and physical improvement of investment projects, so that more intentional projects are transformed into contractual projects, more contractual projects are transformed into starting projects, more started The project is transformed into a commissioning project, promoting project construction as soon as possible, and struggling to achieve industrial breakthroughs.