Qiao Jihong: The combination of short video and art promotes individual self-esteem, individual autonomy

On December 4, 2020, Joint Xinhua News Agency, China Art Education Research Center, Joint Xinhua News Agency. – Short video and adolescent art literacy research report "," the positive role of "building adolescents" second class "" will be published. Experts from colleges and universities such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, speaking on young art exchanges, humanities and literacy, aesthetic interest, and reviews reports around the report. Professor of the Psychology Department of Beijing Normal University, the Party Secretary, Qiao Jihong, issued a speech with the "short video and artistic combination of adolescents". Qiao Jihong said that this year’s discontinuation has had a certain impact on the mental health of young people, while the mission of the students’ mental health during the maintenance of the epidemic.

During the epidemic, many teenages show their skills in the short video platform, and wavy art talents, relieve negative emotions and stress. Under the new form of "sports + art", the survival of the epidemic is released. Art can not only help people resist anxiety, but also make us "through time and space". Qiao Zhihong pointed out that when people appreciate various classic works, it is actually connected to the great artist to establish a sprinkled space.

This connection allows us to find the same way in the surrounding real life.

Even if there are no identical people around, we can also establish a spiritual connection with the creator, thereby reducing the loneliness of our lives.

For the appreciation of the United States, the appreciation of art can make life more powerful. Qiao Zhihong believes that art can help young people discover themselves and build themselves. How to build a person’s self-concept is not "I said that I am", but "what I do, what I did,", I have to use things and experience to define myself. There may be little such channels in the past, allowing people to express themselves in the form of art. But in shake, everyone has the opportunity to express themselves in their own unique form, which defines themselves, which is very meaningful for young people to build their own respect. At the same time, Qiao Zhihong believes that the ecology of shake is multi-and multi-level, each can be a center, and each person can be a fan of other centers.

This kind of detrimentary form can greatly promote individual self-esteem and individual autonomy.

Teenagers are the abnormal people of the Internet, and the typical representative of mobile Internet is shake.

In the view of Qiao Jihong, it is necessary to carry out research on the field of mental health in adolescents, strengthen the psychological feelings of young people’s mental health, and the research on how to use short video platforms to help students improve the level of beauty education. Reference significance. (Promotion).