Yushu Prefecture held a special meeting to deploy upgrade new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control measures

The meeting pointed out that Xining City added 3 nucleic acid detection positive personnel, enabling Yushu State’s epidemic prevention and control work to face a more serious situation, organizational and cadres at all levels in the state must be aware, unify thinking, upgrade the current epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly do Good "Outer Input" work. The meeting requirements, strengthen political stress and scientific force, always maintained a cool and rational analysis of the epidemic, solidifying the current epidemic prevention and control. The establishment of the deputy secretary of the Yushu Prefecture, the state governor is a special work organization member, and the relevant deputy leaders of the relevant hall is responsible for daily affairs by the Standing Committee of the Yushu State Committee, the State Government. Focus on the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work from the level of technology and material preparation.

Make full use of big data, etc. , Provide data support for the current streaming work of the whole state. Strictly control the frequency of travel, doing not necessarily not necessary, and take effective media to inform the state of the outside of the country to do not to come to Yushu.

Further strengthen the working strength of each inspection station in Yushuzhou, carry out nucleic acid testing. Due to social management and public opinion guidance, respond to social concerns and public opinion payment, severely crack down on rumors and rumors and raise prices, rushing materials, etc. Strengthening the state (city) linkage, leading cadres play the leading demonstration role in front, dry in front. Discipline inspection department strengthens discipline inspection supervision, timely discovering problems, seriously dealing with people and things as chaos. (Source: Three Jiangyuan News) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.