Youth painting will become a gift of Winter Olympics

Original title: Youth painting will become the warmth of Winter Olympics to further stimulate young people to participate in the enthusiasm of Winter Olympics, implement the "Athlete Centers", in Winter Olympics, "China Year" atmosphere, Beijing Winter Olympics Committee News Promotion Department, the Ministry of Education, China and Foreign Exchange Center, Beijing Care Next Generation Working Committee to carry out the collection activities of Dongao theme adolescent paintings in primary and secondary school students, current collection activities have entered an end. The relevant person in charge of the collection unit said that the collection activities will be more than 10,000 excellent paintings for primary and secondary school students, and 7,500 selection of 7,500 are sent to the National (region) Olympic Committee and the Paralympic Committee delegation. There are 5 aspects of the works of the works: to reflect the content of the Olympics and the Austrian spirit, show "excellence, respect, friendship" Olympic core values, "courage, perseverance (determination), incentive, equal" cruel core values, World Peace, Friendship and Unity and other themes; in the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Association, the sports project is the subject content, showing the speed and passion of winter sports, depicting the construction of the host city, the construction of infrastructure The changes in life, as well as the happiness of the public’s winter sports, to show the content of traditional culture, national culture and geographical style, showing Chinese elements such as Spring Festival culture, beautiful China, and sports (activity) with distinctive nation, regional characteristics Especially winter sports (activity) projects; to express a good wishes, blessings are the subject content, and send a good blessings from all over the world, trainer, etc., express the praise of health, optimistic spirit and good life Love; to express the content of the inclusive equality, show the "I can" the concept of embroolly, respect for the respect of the disabled, to create the same opportunity for them, to create the best potential, enjoy life, enjoy life, Build an inclusive world. According to the requirements of the corresponding, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee Pass, the Samaran Sports Development Foundation, Beijing Youth Activity Center, etc. The collection of works will be submitted to the organizer. After the review, it will eventually become the guest gift of Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics. (Reporter Wu Dongzhaoran) (Editor: Yuan Yu, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing More people see.