Shenzhen has launched 919 "double mining" law enforcement holidays in accordance with the law

Original title: The city has launched 919 "double mining" law enforcement holidays in accordance with the law, and the Shenzhen Education Administration jointly market supervision, urban management and comprehensive law enforcement, Wei Jian, public security, fire rescue and other departments have formed a joint law enforcement in urban areas. Inspection group, each district has a community-oriented unit into four people joint law enforcement inspection teams (1 people in the streets, municipal supervisors, education and community), and continue to carry out the "joint law enforcement inspection of students from the city to reduce compulsory education."

The "May War" (September – Mid-October) jointly launched a phased effectiveness. As of October 1, the city inspects 5056 school training institutions, ordered 307 training institutions within the time limit, and 919 training institutions were shut down according to law. On the afternoon of October 1, the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee took the team to Luohu, Futian and other districts, and inspected in the "four-nine straight" way.

The key points of each law enforcement examination group will conduct law enforcement inspections during the foreign training institutions to carry out disciplines in the National Day. Resolutely investigate and deal with violations of the discipline training behavior of primary and secondary school students; severely crack down on discipline training to "underground" or "housekeeping service" "The" Crowdfunding Privatous "and other confidential variations such as" one-on-one "" one-to-many "; serious investigation and punishment of violations, false propaganda, price fraud.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education Bureau said that during the National Day holiday, the relevant departments of all districts in Shenzhen will continue to conduct online underline, welcome the public to supervise the violation of the disciplines of disciplines, and find together, investigate and punish together, protect The city’s primary and secondary school students have a rest right to let children spend a happy National Day holiday.

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