Yunnan: "Put the service" to improve the satisfaction of the masses

Original title: "Put the service" to enhance the masses satisfaction Yunnan Province in the reform of the household government "put in service"? How to change the ID card after the epidemic can’t return to the person ID card? Do you need payment if the intelligent management system is installed in the Yunnan Provincial Hotel On November 25th, Lu Yongchang, party secretary of the Provincial Public Security Bureau Public Security Management Corps, greeted the "Golden Hotline" to answer the hot problem of the masses. There is a temperature to see "put the service" dividend in recent years, the public security organs have adopted which conveniences in the reform of the householdal "venting service"? "The public security organs are deepened by deepening the householdal ‘reform, so that the window service is more efficient, online service is more intelligent, and the convenience service is more intimate." Lu Yongchang introduced, one is to implement priority service, in the province City and town police station The window sets a green channel and hangs the signboard, providing priority services for "old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant" group household registration business; Second, the latency service and wrong service, the urban area public security household residence provides half-day service, The rural area public security households will provide all-day services at the time of the double-break market.

Implementation of the delayed work system, the window police waited until the last mass of the day can be closed; the third is to promote the transparent standardization service, through the public "Guidelines for the Housekeeping Business Service Service Service of Yunnan Province", clear the system, charging standards and Time limit; fourth is the standard set up window, requiring the provincial household grant window to set the masses waiting point, equipped with paper pen, water dispenser, first aid kit and other convenience facilities, provide frameless glasses, dark clothes, hair glue card, etc. Instrumental finishing facilities; five is to promote online services, launch "Household Registration Business Network" in a mobile phone office, Yunnan public security micforns, etc., more than 98% of the household registration business can be handled online; Sixth Transparent service, clarifying that the 9 public security police station shall issue a certificate, requirement and template, clearly no longer issue resident account book, 14 categories of 14 categories that have been able to prove after the resident ID card, reducing the burden of the mass office entrepreneurship; six is ??implementation " Revenue and convenientness, decentralized household registration business approval authority, clean-up cancellation 9 certification materials involved 39 class household registration business, promise 57 household registration business "up to once", realize the 37-class household registration business window, Take it; The province carries out "Million Police in Ten Thousand Ten" activities, implement "breaking cases, doing small things, solving worries, help small busy, help Xiaokang" new "five small projects", effectively enhance the security of the people in the jurisdiction And satisfaction, enhance the policefish water situation; eight is to promote the reform of the household registration system, clarify the principles and methods of registration accounts without the registration of the registration, and implement the "zero threshold" in urban areas in the province.

At the same time, this year, Yunnan Province has also launched a documentary renovation service for unable to return to personnel.

Not long before the trouble, the people who have a problem, the problem is very long, and Kunming, Gui, who is in Kunming, is very annoying to handle the personal information of the driver’s license.

"It’s too much trouble, you have to go to the open area that is far away from home." Gui said that he works and lives in the city of Kunming City. There is no way. Recently, I heard that the police station can also handle the car driving service. She came to the Shahe North Road Police Station near the home, only spent more than 10 minutes to do a good driving license personal information change business.

In October This year, the public security organs of Yunnan Province further deepened the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the masses", and strive to take out the hard tricks that crack the people’s urgent problems. According to "I should live, one window, multi-point The principle of "can launch the convenience initiatives covering the two major categories of driving licenses for motor vehicles and driver’s license business.

Zhao Lijuan, a household registration police station of Shahe North Road Police Station, said that there are 17 car driving services can be handled at the police station.

The motor vehicle business has a total of 7, such as replenishing driving licenses, rendering driving licenses, replenishing motor vehicle inspection qualification marks, rehabilitating motor vehicle inspection qualification markers, etc .; 10 driver’s license business, such as motor vehicle driving certificate damage , Motor vehicle driver’s license is lost, the motor vehicle driver’s license is exposed to renewal, the motor vehicle driver’s license transfer is changed.

The provincial police station further extends the service of the tentacles. At the same time, 204 "public security self-service supermarkets" is built in the implementation of the "old, weak, sick, disabled", including the inconvenient operation, and builds 204 "public security self-service supermarkets" and achieve the province. 129 counties are full coverage, which is convenient for the masses to handle public security business. "The people can encounter their worries and troubles, and they can ask for help.

Lu Yongchang said that the public security organs are now implementing as long as the people have helped, even if they don’t belong to the scope of the police officers, they will hand over the corresponding functional departments, so that the masses really feel convenient and affordable. Strong service benefits people’s livelihood to make the masses It is more convenient to do things. "I am an unemployed staff, I want to engage in security career work, how can I get the security authorization? "A netizen message consultation.

Yuan Kai Ming, Director of the Provincial Public Security Department of the Provincial Public Security Department, introduced that according to the relevant provisions of the State Council’s "Security Service Management Regulations", the year is 18 years old, good health, good conduct, and Chinese citizens who have junior high school education can apply for security certificates . In order to fulfill the service tenet of "I do a practical thing for the masses", Yunnan Province has completely relieved the application materials for security guards, and opened the security guards online registration, online examination channels, just log in to "Yunnan Security Online" WeChat applet After the public security organ is approved, you can participate in the Qualification Examination of the Security Authority.

After passing the examination, you can obtain the electronic voucher of the security authority on the spot, and the public security organ will also issue a paper security authority certificate.

"My child is going to school abroad, because the epidemic has not been able to return to China, now the ID card is expired, how can I change?" User message consultation.

"During the epidemic, the resident ID card has not been able to return to the staff, can entrust the domestic spouse, parents, children, brothers and sisters, etc., to the local public security organs of their constant residents, the public security organs redeemed the business.

Babi, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Bureau Public Security Management Card Authority, said that a resident ID card must provide the applicant’s signature confirmation, and the Chinese passport information page copy, the country’s visa page copy, principal The image information of the attorney and his passport information page, the trustee resident ID card. After the information is ready, the trustee will give the principal residents’ regular household registration to propose the renewal application, and pay the required material. After successful, The identity card will be made in the fastest time and hand it over to the applicant’s close relatives.

For how to handle the resident ID card in different places, Bibu has also made further introduction, Yunnan Province has opened the national resident ID card to accept the system, and Yunnan Province’s household registration personnel can freely choose to choose in household, residential, and work ground. The police station has a complimentary identity card. At the same time, as long as the foreign masses can find effective information in the system, they don’t have to provide additional information, they can directly handle ID cards directly in Yunnan. "Does the hotel’s business enterprise installed and used the Yunnan Provincial Inn & International Public Security Information Intelligent Management System Need to pay?" Netizen message inquiry.

Lu Yongchang introduced that the Yunnan Provincial Inn China Provincial Information Intelligent Management System will be used to use it to the province’s hotel operation enterprises. The Provincial Public Security Department has banned any organization and individuals to charge the hotel’s installation and operation and maintenance costs with any reason and name.

The masses are welcome to supervise, and if the relevant illegal violations are found, the masses can report to the Provincial Public Security Bureau Public Security Corps. (Li Weijian) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.