The people’s forum roared "Double Engine" to make economic development toughness stronger

The Chinese Economic Series Network Reviews Ninety-Thirteenth Quarter, the final consumption expenditure contribution to economic growth is%.

The stable growth of investment also has a support basis. In the past few days, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Hunan and other major projects started to start.

Under the spread of global epidemics, the strong toughness of China’s consumer market is more prominent, consumer demand and investment on the main pulling effect of economic growth.

  Consumption and investment are "double engine" to enlarge domestic demand.

To promote consumption and investment effective combination, strive to achieve higher levels of supply and demand.

The economy continued to restore in the first three quarters, the improvement of quality and improvement, the development kinetic energy continued to increase, and the people’s livelihood guarantees have effectively effective, and it is a good foundation for achieving the overall economic and social development goals.

  The crisis is a new year, and the new bureau is opened.

As long as we give full play to the significant advantages of the Chinese characteristic socialist system, we have concentrated on doing our own things, the goals are constant, the rhythm is not chaotic, we can explore the potential, steady investment, and implement domestic demand. The strategy has effectively promoted the steady China economy. Minsheng has no small matter, and the branches are always in terms.

Drive consumption and investment "double engine", you need to continue to follow the changes in the demand of the times to put the people’s livelihood, and always put the needs of the people in the first place in boosting consumption and expanding effective investment, always doing everything for the people, everything relying on people . Under the driving and investment "Double Engine" driver, after the back of the "three quarter news", it is actually solving the people’s concern, social security, medical, housing, and pension, etc., while forging China’s economic toughness, Combining hundreds of millions of people to build a strong power of the Chinese dream. The people’s expectation is the "Compaction" of economic and social development. We must constantly respond to the new look forward to the people’s livelihood in development. It is better to meet the new year of the people to a beautiful life. Adhere to steady and strive to enter the total tone, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, deepen the structural reform of the supply side, speed up the construction of new development, and we must complete the expected target task of the annual economic and social development.

(Text: Animo Comics: Liu Yue).