The three reviews of the people’s network "The Milk Incident" is inseparable!

Massive popularity often collects a lot of resources. However, when the fans who are expecting, they will have a savage money, pay the true feelings, but they may be the quagmire, the more and the embarrassment of the fluff … "" food circle "species It is urgent to change. In recent years, the "rice fundraising" style of "rice fundraising" has been concentrated on the problem of opaque fund-raising processes, and there is even "powder" running or public fraud.

This is the illegal act of individual criminals, but it also gives a wake up for a loved fan: those who love Jin Jian’s favor, persistent, generous to solve the support, it is possible to become some people’s profitable tools, make a fortune chance.

It must be recognized that there is no relevant prohibition of fans in the legal fundraising behavior. To a certain extent, it is understood that fans have a gift to idols, essentially a personal voluntary disposal of private property.

However, only one step is only one step in the banzing zone of the gray zone.

If you don’t specify, if you don’t improve relevant laws and regulations, the hazard will only get more and more serious. From now on, every ring must assume the corresponding responsibility. The variety production and communication platform cannot be promoted. The truth of the project risk is obviously an escape responsibility; the management of funds in the reinforcement will not rely on conscience, and the publicity should be publicized. Everything has the bottom line, the bottom line must not break. Fan business is a big cake, can’t share the cake, otherwise, don’t ask. Every love is worthy of care, and every point will be cherished.

The tightening of the "rice fundraising" behavior of the problem is tightening. The National Net Letter Office has passed many times, focusing on the behavior of inducing minors to support the list and brush control assessment; the China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission also paced the fans, fund-raising, package, send "fans should be aid" The phenomenon suggests that some marketing excessively promoted "lending consumption" "advanced enjoyment" "lending chasing star" behavior is not worth promoting, emulates. On the basis of these regulatory means, the capital "only traffic" in the market is fundamentally.

If you evaluate a strong strength, no longer look at the rankings, no longer "just 5 hours of getting millions of people" absurd; if you measure an artist’s value, no more data is good, just There will be a comparison of "album release less than two minutes, single platform sales exceeds 3 million"; if it is judged that an artist’s status is, it is a work rather than a drain, there will be no so many fans to borrow money-raising … In the big market of the Star Economy, capital should not be overcharged, and the "Day Dream" is notamed for one night, and it is not aware of it. To put it bluntly, many people have no acting but take "high price to pay", but there is no work, but earn a lot of money, so that more people don’t want to struggle, just want to squeeze into the entertainment circle, which makes the rotten film pile up the quality of film and television works. After this, it is capital in the promotion of the capital. This bubble is time to break; such a draft show is time to cool down.

In the long run of dreams, chasing dreams and even dreams, those who carefully pose and sooner or later, and those who deliberately created are determined.

Less than some of the money, the operation of capital, more powerful competitions, emotionally resonance, guide youth to establish the correct values, and the ridiculous things "of the milk" Investment "can be eliminated.

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