The streaming media industry enters a new stage of development

During the epidemic prevention and control, the video to watch video has become a part of many people living, and the streaming media use has an amazing growth. According to US online video data company Conviva’s latest report, the total number of global streaming media will increase by 57% year-on-year, with the fastest growth in Europe, an increase of 70%, and the Americas grows 57%, and the Asian and African ratings increase by 30% respectively. 25%. The streaming media industry is against the potential, step into the new development stage.

Analysis prediction, the changes in the use of consumers in streaming media will continue after the end of the epidemic, so that the industry will continue to benefit in the next period. At the same time, with the continuous intensification of market competition and the potential impact of economic uncertainty, the entire industry faces a lot of challenges.

First, massive viewing brings a quick increase in data traffic, a major test for network speed and video compression technology. In Europe, the large-flow media platform has stopped automatically playing HD video under the EU request to prevent local networks from crashing under unprecedented use.

Some users are dissatisfied with this, think that this behavior reduces the quality of its purchased services.

In the 5G era, users provide users with a smoother audio-visual experience, solve the contradiction between the construction of network infrastructure construction in some areas and user use requirements, and the streaming media industry needs more innovation in video compression technology, improves efficiency and reduces bandwidth consumption, and ensure Network vendors maintain an efficient connection.

Second, the epidemic has made the video drama mode in the line of "side shooting" unable to operate.

The production and production of content is the lifeline of the streaming media platform. When the "inventory" in the future, it may fall into the dilemma of the new content.

To this end, some streaming media platforms begin to explore new production and business models, including cooperation with the movie industry, such as Disney chooses movies who have originally planned landing on their streamlines on their streaming media platform.

Finally, major film and tender media companies have tried the water flow media, making the industry space gradually saturated, and the market competition is getting hot. This will force the platform innovation service to implement a differentiated strategy. The streaming media platform, which is jointly established by the UK Broadcasting and Independent TV Station, is a way in which 45 years old and older are focused on the market.

The platform provides this part of the audience with an episode adapted from the novels such as "Jane Love", "Branding Mountain Villa" to increase customer viscosity. French streaming media platform dailymotion is aimed at the Middle East and North Africa market, working with local video content providers, providing quality videos such as news, sports, music and entertainment.

Grasp the peak traffic and positive policies during the prevention and control, streaming media platform actively layout, strengthen cooperation with traditional industries, expand its business category, further improve the digital industrial ecological chain, will promote the digital transformation of the whole society.