Standardize law enforcement to prevent risks and treat taxation according to law

The State Administration of Taxation Yongxin County Taxation Bureau is in accordance with the "comprehensive improvement and efficiency" requirements of the Tax Administration, and the role of promoting the tax law enforcement method and accelerating the tax supervision system, and play "woodpecker" role, further enhancing tax governance ability, preventing various kinds of involved Tax risk.

First, in the management of excellent service, solidly promote taxes according to law. The rule of law is the best business environment. Around the principle of "who is law enforcement", effectively strengthen the supervision of tax law enforcement, establish a gridized internal control mechanism, and further promote political inspection, comprehensive supervision, law enforcement inspectoric organs, and improve supervision. Strictly crack down on tax violations, implement differentiation management and services, and do a good job to minimize market subject interference, maximization of supervision efficiency, and is the most solid work of grassroots.

Second, in the anti-effort, prevent tax law enforcement risks.

According to the General Administration of "three payables, three irrational" requirements, fully implement tax administrative law enforcement publicity, law enforcement process record, major law enforcement decision legal system audit "three systems", increase law enforcement inspections, "one case double check" Deepen the application of internal control platform to prevent tax law enforcement risks.

Since this year, 8 administrative law enforcement matters have been publicized 3294, and there are 1 6 law enforcement recorders, and one upload audio and video record. If the internal control platform pushes 830 suspicion data, and 401 to correct the rectification, the statement of 5.

The third is to hit the enhancement, and combat all kinds of tax-related violations.

To form a risk analysis response team, do a good job in key industries, key tax, key matters, key areas, risk management and response. Motion 293 (sub) risks to the task have been completed this year, and the tax management of wood processing, clothing and textiles has effectively strengthened.

The maximum value-added tax limit is not more than 100,000 yuan, and the hall will be approved by the hall. Assist the Municipal Bureau of the City Bureau to strengthen the connection and cooperation with cross-regional inspection bureaus, focus on "fake enterprises" "fake export" and "fake declaration" to carry out the anti-virtual open scam target remediation, create an internal and external tax environment . (Zhang Mingzhong) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Li Zhongyuan).