R & D investment continues to add code from autonomous car enterprises to accelerate brand

Original title: Self-auto enterprises accelerate the road to the road to the recent A-share market, have released the three-quarter earnings.

Compared to 2020, a number of car companies incurred, but also achieved good sales performance, but due to the increase in cost pressure due to the rise in the price of the chip and raw material, the net profit of car companies universally decline.

At the same time, the operating conditions of the high-end intelligent pure electric independent brands of each car company have gradually climbed, and the brand is accelerated. Head car companies continue to invest in chip and power battery research and development, strengthening attacks in key areas.

  Net profit margin generally pressure pressure on global chip shortage, raw material prices, and many adverse factors such as epidemic, have become normalized.

At the same time as the production and sales continuously decline, the performance of many cars is not satisfactory. Up to now, 12 domestic car companies in China have been disclosed in the third quarter of 2021.

Data show that the third quarter of this year, the hippocampus car, SAIC Group, Jianghuai Automobile, Jiangling Motor 4 car enterprises, net profit double, including Jianghuai Automobile’s net profit plunged in the year; in addition, 8 car companies such as SAIC Group, Guangqi Group The net profit of returnees has different degrees of decline, accounting for up to 67%. According to the efficiency statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the operating income of the automotive industry in the third quarter of this year is 1878.8 billion yuan, down 14% year-on-year; the profit is 92.3 billion yuan, down 48% year-on-year, the second quarter declined by 15%, fell rapidly to increase the decline in the second quarter The operating income profit margin is%, in the historical grain level, which decreases sharply relative to% in the third quarter of last year.

  Behind the net profit pressure is the rapid growth of costs and costs. The analysis of the multiplial will believe that this year, the supply chain of the chip supply is not enough, the industrial chain is not smooth enough, resulting in a large decline in capacity utilization in the third quarter from 78% in the third quarter to this year; in addition, commodity steel and cobalt Important resources such as nickel have increased prices, which also increased the cost of the automotive industry, leading to the third quarter of the vehicle and enterprises.

  Independent brands continue to force although the overall passenger car market has continued to carry up pressure, the new energy auto market is all the way, and the number of production and sales has been refreshed for many months.

Many car companies have created the intelligent pure electronic brand to compete for the market "cake", and the operational improvement of independent brands also promotes the improvement of the vehicle enterprises. The SAIC Group issued the three quarterly reports at the same time announced the independence of the original R brand, and funded billion yuan to build a high-end intelligent pure electric brand fairy car.

After the child brand is independent, it has quickly achieved good sales performance. The data shows that in October, Fan Fan has a sales of approximately 3,000 units, and the overall order increases by 30%. Among them, the October October order of the car ER6 increased by 214% year-on-year, an increase of 64% from the previous month.

  The sales performance of the Guangqi Group’s own self-owned brands is also particularly bright.

Data show that the new energy subsidiary of Guangqi Group has been nearly 80,000, and the increase in production and sales increases by% and%. Am2 of this year, AIIY, Aiony, the first month, the first month, Top A-level intelligent SUV, and the listing of the month will reach the monthly order.

  The reporter learned from Guangqi Egyan that the order is currently full in 2021, and the delivery has been scheduled to 2022. To this end, Aiony 2022 also also listed in advance on November 1, will be delivered from January next year.

  The operational improvement of independent brands also drives the GAC Group gross profit margin. Data show that the gross profit margin of the Guangzhou Automobile Group has reached the gross profitability, which is increasing in the same period last year. Overcoming the factors such as industrial failing, the gross profit margin of the third quarter reached%, and it was increased in the second quarter, which was increased in the third quarter of last year. Previously, Dongfeng’s 图 汽车, Guangqi Group’s Guangqi Yan, Geely’s extreme car, Hezhong’s new energy, which has also operated, promoted intelligent, electric transformation.

On November 3, the new model of the car is also officially listed, equipped with the L2 intelligent auxiliary driving system, equipped with full speed ACC adaptive cruise system, one-button remote control parking, 360 information security protection. At the same time, the research and development investment in the listing car enterprises continues to increase the development of core technology such as chip, power battery, etc. The third quarter report showed that the development of R & D costs in the third quarter of the SAIC Group, Beiqi Blue Valley, Great Wall Auto, etc. The growth rate of R & D costs is over 40%. Among them, the SAIC Group has reached 100 million in three quarters, used to increase investment in new energy, intelligent network, digitization.

As a column, BYD and Great Wall have reached 100 million yuan. Although the Beiqi Blue Valley and Jiangqi Group is in a loss, the R & D costs exceeds 200 million yuan, and the growth of two digits is achieved. At present, Great Wall Motors are transforming to global technology travel, setting up overseas R & D centers, and construct a global research and development layout based on China Headquarters as the core. Eight major production bases have been formed in China, building KD plants overseas, further enhance research and development strength and productivity.

  Guangqi Eman will implement the self-research battery test line construction project plan, and the project plan has investing in 100 million yuan, which means it has the level of independent research and development. The power battery field has become the focus of automakers to compete for new energy markets. Guangqi Yama’s construction of the research battery trial line means that domestic new energy automotive industries will once again have a company with power battery independent research and development capabilities.

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