The fourth year of entering the Expo will open the door to welcome you to take you in 1 minute and a half.

Text / Video Yangcheng Evening News Shanghai Reporter Chen Zeyun Tao 奕 here has the world’s latest and most cost-effective product, there are 5G, AI’s most dazzling technology application show, here is also a great featuring card of all national characteristics cultural style … Since November 5, the 4th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as "into the Expo") will officially kick off in Shanghai. On the 4th, Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter entered the pavilion in advance, took you to the trendy and romance of the Expo! Entering the Expo to open the door to meet the global guests, open is the clear logo of contemporary China! The reporter saw that the 800 flat horizontal giant screen is highly eye-catching, on the screen, the treasure "of the four-leaf grass is awkward, and the 3D effect of the shocking naked eye is issued to the world" The invitation of the four international import fairs.

I have held three consecutive three sessions, and the fourth-year entrance is a new friend who has participated in the exhibition.

This year, the world’s top 500 and industry leading enterprises have an exhibition rate of more than 80%, showing that the magnetic force of the Expo is still continuous release, China is still considered the most important consumer market. "New" is the eternal theme of the Expo.

A dazzling new exhibits, the new zone that should be settled is an important reason for attracting buyers to the fore, and it is also the charm of the Expo.

Data show, the world’s three major auction houses, three fashion high-end consumer goods groups, four major fooders, top ten auto groups, top ten industrial electrical enterprises, top ten medical equipment companies, top ten cosmetics companies, there will be a lot of new products. Start. The booth special ratio has been upgraded for three consecutive years, reaching 96%. We also look forward to, more global quality products, cutting-edge technology, innovation services in entering the Expo gather, continue to drive China’s consumption upgrade! .