Yuntian Conference, witness the rise of Zhongwei digital industries

Ningxia Zhongwei, this city under the Yellow Sand, through the introduction of high-end industrial chain, walked out of the road to developing digital industries in the western region. Since 2019, the Zhongwei Municipal People’s Government and the People’s Network jointly organized the "Yuntian Conference", "Yun Tian Zhongwei" brand influence, and the visibility continued to improve.

Domestic and foreign cloud computing giants are landing on Huangshaogi, and China’s cloud computing is quietly rising.

In recent years, Zhongwei has based in the regional advantage, grabbing the development opportunities brought by the digital economy, and vigorously develop cloud computing and large data industries with the innovation model of "front stores". The application, service, Zhongwei attracted a number of Internet companies to gather in the western cloud base, and the western cloud base server is more than 600,000 units, gathering the US group, gathering the group and other more than 200 domestic and foreign cloud computing enterprises. It is understood that the US Mission will deploy most of the business to the Western cloud base, providing services to the whole country, the US Mission’s superior center is put into operation, the overall business continues to grow, the second phase of the US Mission Cloud Super Calculation Center will also start in the near future; Chinese Academy of Sciences The calculation office (Beilong Super) has deployed some of the superior business to the West Yunka. During the epidemic last year, the large-scale research institutions in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. were currently being promoted; Amazon’s 60% of the business has landed in Zhongwei, providing cloud services for more than 3,700 companies in China, service objects all over the country … Deputy Secretary of Zhongwei Municipal Committee, Mayor Ma Honghai, Currently, Zhongwei City Cloud computing and big data industry There is a big breakthrough in data increment, project construction, kinetic energy development, innovation, feature guarantees, etc. As a national new Internet exchange center pilot city, the national integrated large data center national hub node city, Zhongwei also assumes important tasks to build national-level network information "transportation hub", will usher in massive data storage, transmission, exchange, sharing ,application. Chang Weiwei, the Department of Industry and Information Technology, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, said that we will concentrate on promoting the construction of national hub nodes in the national integrated network national hub, undertake Eastern cloud service industry transfer, service country "East number of West Cord" strategy, struggling to create a number The economic new high land, promoting the reasonable growth and quality of the local economic development. Today, the digital economy has become a new engine with high quality development.

With 5G, the Internet of Things operation, the value of cloud computing and large data industry have just opened. We have reason to believe that "Yun Tian Zhongwei" This golden word sign can exude more dazzling light.

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