"Shanxi Province" 14th Five-Year Plan "press conference held

On November 18, the Provincial Government Information Office held the 15th conference of the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning series of Shanxi Province, in-depth interpretation of "Shanxi Province" 14th "Modern Logistics Development Plan" ( The following is "planned") the main content and answer the reporter’s questions.

Shanxi traffic location is obvious, and the potential of modern logistics industry is growing.

In 2020, the province’s total social logistics is trillion, the total number of logistics industry is 205.5 billion yuan, Taiyuan, Datong, Linyi is the national logistics hub to carry cities, and Jinzhong is the national backbonular cold chain logistics base. According to reports, "Planning" has been fully deployed in the development of Shanxi’s modern logistics in the next five years, from the space structure, "Sixth" empowerment, educational, standard green safety, major projects, etc., 5 major tasks, 16 Aspects, 47 specific initiatives, 7 major improvement projects.

Pang Junjun, the second-level inspector of the provincial development reform committee, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the Shanxi’s modern logistics industry will focus on the improvement of the results, and focus on building a circulation center, the special product logistics center, "all the way" The three major development positioning of important distribution centers. By 2025, the total amount of social logistics in the province reached 5 trillion yuan, the total revenue of the logistics industry reached 250 billion yuan, and the 3A-level enterprises strive to expand to 200, and strive to achieve cost of logistics, and make breakthroughs on the short-selling. Building a layout scientific, advanced technology, intelligent, high-efficiency, green security, and building a province of logistics and logistics innovation development.

Compared with the national and developed provinces, our province also has short boards and shortcomings in terms of logistics structure, value creation, new model development. Li Yanping, Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that the "14th Five-Year Plan" period is an important opportunity period in which the modern logistics industry in Shanxi has increased its own tasks: First, optimize the spatial structure, accelerate the development of double cycle pattern.

Informatization, the "1359" logistics new pattern is constructed, forming "channel + hub + network" modern logistics operation system.

Among them, "1" is the construction of Taiyuan International Wisdom Logistics Hub. "3" is the construction of the three major regions of the Datong Linyi Changzhi, "5" is the layout manufacturing, agricultural products, express delivery, medical, commodity five types of professional logistics base, " 9 "is a smooth 9 logistics high channel.

The second is to strengthen "six new" empowerment, and comprehensively enhance logistics value creation.

Promote logistics and manufacturing, agriculture, trade integration development, build logistics supply chain system, play the core organization of national logistics hubs and demonstration logistics parks to promote the overall industrial chain optimization and upgrading. The third is to reduce the overall cost, and strive to create a logistics to the upgraded version.

Further improve the commodity logistics infrastructure, high quality promotion "public turn iron", develop multimodal transport, and improve logistics efficiency. Develop high-speed rail logistics, aviation logistics, promote the improvement of express delivery logistics, and the development of medical logistics. The fourth is based on standard green security and enhance logistics sustainable development. Construct the logistics full chain standardization system, promote logistics standards that adapt to digital and intelligent demand, and strengthen standard applications. In addition, in order to strengthen project support, "Plan" also proposes to implement logistics hub projects, multimodal transport projects, supply chain management projects, smart platform projects, cold chain logistics projects, e-commerce logistics projects, flagship enterprise cultivation projects, etc. Improve project.

Focusing on the seven improvement projects, focusing on the "Double Hundred" key projects and key parks, and promoting the implementation of the plan.

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