"Two Learning One" Learning Education For a week (5.28

Shaanxi Shaoyang: "Four Measures" to push "Two Learning One" Learning Education Entrewarded Leadership Randelie In order to establish an example for the county to study and education, it makes an example. Adhere to the typical leader, 56 demonstration points in the county, drive the overall work level through typical leadership, demonstration to promote overall work. Jiangxi Guangfeng: "Star-rated" "Two Learning" learning education new vitality According to the specific characteristics of different industries, the parties organizations are subdivided into administrative village party organizations, urban community party organizations, organs Party organizations, state-owned enterprise party organizations, non-public corporate party organizations, and social organization party organizations 6 major categories, and develop strictly reasonable evaluation criteria based on work nature. Fujian Lianjiang: Adopting "Double" thinking to ensure that the party members "two learning and one" learning education results according to the extent of going out of party members, and adopting "landing" and "entrustment" learning methods. "Falling type", learning, that is, Wuxi, Shanghai and other places that go out of the party members, establish two foreign party committees and 15 mobile branches, have a plan, have step, have a focus on centralized education, ensuring that they are not left to the party .

Guangdong Zhanjiang City Department of Working Committee: "Four Roads" promotes the "two learning and one" learning education to solidize the Zhanjiang City Director Work Committee Combined Party Organization Relationship, Deepening "Distribution Party Member Netherlands Project", and find out "pocket" Party members, long-term and party organizations have lost contact party members, and rationalize the party membership relations, so that each party members can include effective management of party organizations and participate in branch. Education. Hubei Xuan En: Tight "responsibility, learning, and" to grasp "two studies and one" learning education county party committee member and party organization secretary take the lead in talking about party classes, take the lead in experience, take the lead in studying the summary; strengthen the leading cadres Consciousness, implement double-neconsive life; play a demonstration leading role of a member of the Standing Committee, through the registered point of the Standing Committee, implement the upgrade of the village party organization and the construction of the village-level position.