Qinghai Haidong Power Supply Company played party members’ model role to improve engineering construction

In 2021, the National Network Qinghai Haidong Power Supply Company was responsible for 122 power grid construction projects, including 11 infrastructure projects, total investment billions; 111 rural network projects, total investment billions. Haidong Company deepened the implementation of "Party Building +" in engineering construction, exploring the establishment of party organizations in engineering site, adhering to safety, quality as the fundamental, strengthening cooperative coordination, optimizing resource allocation, strengthening various majors, participating units, Continuously enhance the level of construction of Haidong Grid. The company combines the infrastructure professional work, organically integrates party construction work and infrastructure work. While carrying out professional work in order, give full play to the party members of the branch, organize all the projects to carry out "project entities" demonstration post "" Practice activities of "Safety Quality, Construction Coordination, Technology and Economy".

At the same time, give full play to the party members’ model lead, organize all engineering to participate in the theoretical knowledge of party members, and go to the scene to guide the construction staff to carry out the construction operation, rectify the problem organizations in the construction site, and explain the difficulties in the process, dangerous points Analysis, in practice, in fact, understand the physical quality of the project construction process, comparison, analysis, analysis, and actual combination of theory and work, and actually master the actual situation in the project site. In addition, the company strictly enforces the government’s exhibition prevention and control requirements, adheres to the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control and the safety of the infrastructure, and the two-handed, two hands are hard ", and give full play to the" party building + infrastructure "carrier advantage, inspiring party members’ assault teams, and assault teams Party members took the lead in transferring various district projects to assist the project department to combat the epidemic prevention and control plan to formulate epidemic prevention and control and infrastructure project construction site. According to the construction of "acceleration keys" and accelerate the construction of power grid construction, Drive the social linkage effect, strive to have temperature, and have a responsible central enterprise. This year, Haidong Company also launched a variety of safety theme education activities such as "Safe I forbearing", "Safe, I’m", and organize emergency drills to enhance the safety awareness of all staff. (Source: Guoyong Penghai, National Network, China) (Editor: Yang Wei, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.