Quanzhou Brigade Puppet Drama: Finger Shui Die Interrupt

Original title: Photos | Quanzhou Towel Puppet Trick: Fingertid Hanging Deductive Evergreen Sorrow Quanzhou Jiali Pavilion, actor in performance "Small Shaishi Mountain".

  Quanzhou Brigade Puppet Dynamic said "Jia Li" or "儡" is a traditional drama that is popular in Minnan, in 2006, was included in the first national-level intangible cultural heritage list.

  The performance of the pocal puppet show mainly relies on the actors to use the finger to affect the suspension, and its exquisite is full of actor’s work.

The actor manipulated more than a dozen or even three or forty wires at the same time, and the vocal expressive performance was performed.The fingertips are given to the puppet life, dance out of life, and interpret the scene of the people.Recently, the Fujian Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall held the "Haishi + Tower Tour" media activities, organized the Chinese media in Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, inspection, visiting Fujian Haishi culture and the world’s style.Xinhuanet Xiao and courage.