Qian Jiaqiao: Black odor "transformed" landscape river

The Qianshura, which was once, was a non-crushed black odor. Now, the water quality of Qianjiaqiao has basically reached IV water, resulting in "black stink" hat, realizing river, water , Shore green, beautiful goals. Ding Yue "The length of the river is the agent of the river. All the big things about the river are tested." Lang Bo said. Lang Bo is the party secretary of the Moon Show Community, Hexi Street, Binhu District, and she still has another identity – Qianjiaqiao Trushes’ community river.

Qian Jiaqiao is located in the territory of Binhu District, Nanqi Building Road, north to Liangxi River, the west side is the garden, the east side is the original North Bridge aquatic product market, full length 270 meters, is a broken head. After investigation and analysis, the main reason for the Qianjia bridge, black stink is that there are a small amount of life sewage in the West Lantern Festival to discharge into the river. The east aquatic market merchants have unregulated drainage behavior; the surrounding control source is not perfect, The situation where sewage enters the river. Since March last year, this black stinkhouse begins to rectify. Last year, after the river is dredied, Langbo led the community staff to make a household for residents and merchants, and gave a big grade to the pipe network entered into the river. The takeover took over, the blocking block, the rearrangement Reorganizing, controlling the source of pollution, and the river has also carried out water ecological restoration.

The rumored ricketsuit included in the black stinky, after more than 3 months of rectification, in June 2017, I took off the "black stinky" coat, and the river was gradually clear.

If the pre-treatment is only a stage sex, then the later talent is true. Lang Bo launched community staff, jurisdiction, and enthusiastic residents, and formed a team of river protection volunteers.

"At the end of September last year, the aquatic market moved away.

"Langbo said," We also installed 2 HD cameras at Qianjiaqiao Yaoji Pump Station and the intercept tank, the north-south direction 24-hour full monitoring. "At the end of 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics Wuxi Investigation Team used a random intercepting money near money, merchants and crossing pedestrians, through questionnaires, and metforquatics, and assessment satisfaction as high as 98%.

"Now, it has become a landscape, and the residents of the community will regard this as a landscape river!" Related recommendations.